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      Hey everyone, I had a doctors appt today and I am 50% and 1cm dilated, I was hoping for more because of all the pain I have been in but I am glad that something is happening down there…Believe it or not I am so freaked out, this is my third time and I am so scared of delivering the baby, it is so close and so real and I am almost in panic attack mode…Due to the fact that we are unsure of what is going on with our baby (will it live or die?) and that we have not found out the sex we have opted to not have a baby shower and we have not bought one scrap of clothing, all we are going to do is buy an infant car seat and a boy and a girl outfit to bring to the hospital so I feel so unprepared and just kind of crazy, but still in the event of losing our baby I don’t want to sit here and stare at a mound of neutral clothes that will never be worn so this approach is just more practical and emotionally sensitive to our circumstances…Please pray for us and we are getting so close and as I am so freaked out, I am excited to but the scary part is overwhelming for now, I just want to be done and have no more what ifs….I will keep you updated…Love Meg


        I wish you and your baby the BEST of luck and I hope everything turns out great!!


          Hi Meg! I’ve been praying for you and for your baby. I hope that everything goes well for you!
          P.S."The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore." Psalm 121:7-8


            Well shortly after I posted this earlier I went to the bathroom and found that I have started spotting…I am anxiously awaiting "the plug"…LOL…I will keep you all updated and thank you for your encouragement!! Love Meg


              Hope it goes well Meg.
              I lost my plug and a week later my babies were here. Well both times.


                ooo meeeg!!!!the baby is cooommmiiinnnggg…
                I’m praying for you, and i will keep my fingers crossed that the baby will be healthy!!!!
                i wish you and your husband luck and stay strong!


                  I’m praying for you. Everything will work out. Just hang in there.

                  Much love.


                    It sounds wonderful, so far. 🙂 I am praying for you and your baby, and everything will turn out all right. God has a special plan for every little one!
                    I wish you and your husband the best of luck.



                      I am a friend of April’s, and 29 weeks along tomorrow. My son (we couldn’t wait to find out!) has been diagnosed with a Conginetal Heart Block and we were told at 20 weeks that he had zero chances of survival. It was devastating, but it only took a day or two for my husband and I to realize that God’s truth is greater than any truth that the doctors could give us.

                      It sounds like we have loads in common, because we also have pretty much nothing for Hayden yet. The thought that something could go wrong and we could have to deal with a whole room full of baby items was just too much for me to handle up until a day or two ago when I finally started up a registry online.

                      Every day is ridiculously hard, and every single day drags by as we wait for Hayden Josiah, but I will definitely send up huge prayers for you and your family today. Best wishes, and I will make sure to keep up on your progress!


                        Meg-Hang in there girl! We are all here to support you through this. Sending peace and prayers your way.


                          Here’s an update…I am now 50% effaced and 1 1/2 cm dilated, not much of a difference but still I am glad for that extra 1/2…Last Wednesday I had consistent labor pains and contractions for about 5 hours but then it all stopped, I was pretty bummed, I had another appt today and I am borderline preeclampsia, I am swelling, seeing spots, having pains in my torso not related to the baby and also my blood pressure is going nuts, it goes really high one minute and then back down, My doctor stripped my membranes today so if I do not go into labor on my own I will have a non stress test for the preeclampsia on Thursday and he will decide if and when to induce labor depending on how I do…I will keep you updated but please keep praying for me….Meg


                            oh my gosh! i have the blood preasure problem right bow so i feel the pain haha it makes me have panic attacks for some reason.. im praying for u hopefully it comes out soon! and completly healthy meg!!! im praying for u


                              Hey! I’ve been praying for you! How are you doing?

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