5 UTIs in less then 9 months! help.

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      Ok. So I’ve had 5 bladder infections since getting pregnant
      I read that it could be because I have a tilted pelvis. ( I think thats what it is, tilted something)

      I told my doctor I had sympthoms of getting another uti
      but then after I took two pills for it it felt like it went away.
      He says its fine.

      Before he told me i might need to be on pills the rest of my pregnancy to prevent it.
      Im going to choke him he doesnt know my name he doesnt know anything about me and i’ve seen him since month 5

      Should I bring it up again that I was having the sympthoms
      cause it could be deadly for me if my kidneys fail or something cause the utis.

      Should I demind he checks on my kidneys or what?


        I hate UTI’s, I have dealt with them frequently my WHOLE life…I was more prone to them during pregnancy and with my last I was on antibiotics for several months on and off…the best way to know if you need to have your kidneys checked out is if you are having pain in your back, basically where your ribs are but on your back, it will be a dull throbbing pain and you can feel where it is traveling from your bladder up your sides…at least I have gotten so used to the pain that I have learned how to tell, my UTI’s travel to my kidneys in a bout 24 hours time…ugh…anyways you can buy cranberry pills over the counter and I now take them every day, there is something about cranberries that lines your urethra and prevents bacteria from sticking, what I think you should do is keep some baby wipes in your bathroom, every time you go to the bathroom clean down there really well, from front to back, if you are sexually active clean down there immediately before and after sex and make sure you go pee after asap..call your doctor, if you have a UTI take your antibiotics until they are gone, take them on time, don’t miss a pill, even if it starts feeling better you need to finish them as directed, take cranberry pills and pay close attention to your body and note any back pain where your kidneys are located….I am not a doctor so this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, just from one person who HATES and deals with UTI’s constantly to another….I hope this helps a little bit!! Love Meg


          ugh I hate UTI’s I recently took pills for 12 days and now I feel WAY better. Its better to take pills so you wont be in pain. I also hate taking pills every time I do I gag..Well its better to get medicated then stay in pain and it can affect your kidneys .. Good luck 🙂


            Awe, I hope you don’t get any more
            They really do make everything more diffiucult.


              yea I know hopefully you wont get anymore they really are a pain in the a_ lol

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