4D ultrasound.

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      Wow I am seven monthes along right know! I feel huge. I just saw my beatuiful babies in 4D. I am amazed. I am having second thoughts though! Mark just moved my room to his and says he’s making my room a nursery. First of all I don’t even know if I am keeping them. Second I am not ready to have THAT kind of relashoniship with MArk. Oh I don’t know!


        I am not sure of your story… who is mark? and if you arent sure about keeping your children, you should probably make the decision soon so you can find them the right parents


          It is so cool that you got to see your babies on an ultrasound! 🙂
          I think that you need to tell Mark that you don’t want to have a physical relationship with him right now. Maybe tell him that even though you are pregnant you want to save sex for when you get married. I dunno. But you need to be honest with him so that you both know where you stand with each other.
          I’m really sorry that you are having a hard time.


            Hey, honey. That must have been amazing to see your baby girls and it is a million times more amazing when you hold them in your arms!:) I have three girls,(no twins) and they are such a joy! If you are having second thoughts, there are many couples out there who would love to adopt. (My niece is adopted and she is such a special part of our family.) Let me say, please don’t think even for a moment about abortion. Let those sweet baby girls enjoy life. That is the best decision you will ever make. I am sorry things are so crazy for you right now! I am giving you a big hug, beautiful mommy of 2. Gotta go, my baby girl is crying!

            Love, Cora


              Mark is the man I am living with. It is kinda a long story but I was raped and got kicked out. Mark is my bf lilys older brother.


                I wouldn’t allow myself to be in a situation that I was uncomfortable with. I would keep the baby in your room by yourself. But that seems kind of creepy that he wants you to move into his room…

                Second thoughts are totally normal, I had them for a month straight- actually at 6 months, too. I even looked up adoption online and called in about it. I realize that I could never give up my son, especially because my situation is very fortunate and his father and I would be a wreck not knowing where he’s going. Most adoptions actually become closed these days due to the faulty legal situation in the United States, so you really need to find a trusting family if you are going to put your baby up for adoption. But I PROMISE you, these thoughts will pass as soon as you hold your baby in your arms. It’s very scary to be pregnant period, much less young and pregnant, so just hang in there. 🙂


                  Ok, are you Parker? or are you someone else?

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