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      so i’m back 45 days late. Period was due 18/03-22/03, i got negative urine tests on 30/03, 06/04 and i got negative blood test on 13/04. Had brown spotting (about a tsp a day i know TMI) for 11 days 28/03-07/04. No pregnancy symptoms i think and i’m not really stressed. I have irregular periods but i did miss my period for 3 months last year but i wasnt worried cause i wasnt having sex, this time i was active but still not worrying because it was protected. I really dont want to take another test but i think thats what have to be done. Can i really be pregnant? Need advice


        Hi Kafina,

        Its understandable to be worried whenever your period is late and you are sexually active, but seeing as you’ve had pregnancy tests in the last 2 months I wouldn’t worry too much. Spotting can be a sign of pregnancy, but usually its just a symptom of irregular periods, which it sounds like you are having and is perfectly normal.

        Maybe if you are still concerned it would be best to buy a 2 or 3 pack of shop pregnancy tests, and you can always do one just if you get worried, and save the rest for another time to put your mind at ease.

        From what you say, it’s probably unlikely that you are pregnant, but in the end the only way to be sure is to go see your doctor or do the home pregnancy test thing above. I don’t really think there’s much cause for concern though 🙂


          We have a common problem..
          I went to the doctor yesterday because my lower stomach hurt bad and
          im almost 2mons late(last period was 3/10/2012)
          then i had a test that they get in my vagina and they say something like “blablah pregnancy” i was alarm about that but didnt well understand it coz im not fluent in japanese (im living in japan) but then i ask one of my japanese friend about that and tell me maybe its “ectopic pregnancy” i was shock and praying it wont be that..
          coz i know maybe the baby wont gonna survive and im scared..
          i dont want to lost my baby again..:(

          its better to go to a doctor and do a check..
          for more safer way i guess..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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