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      :unsure: ok here it goes. i went to the doctor friday the 19 of january. i am 37 weeks pregnant and the doctor says i am measuring too small. what could this mean? he said the same thing in december and sent me for an ultrasound then but the results of that showed my baby was bigger than he should have been. i am really confused. My o/b says i hide my baby, how is this possible? but the heartbeat is great and all of my ultrasounds have shown everything is perfect. i am going for another ultrasound on tuesday and i am so worried something is wrong but i dont know maybe i am just getting to worked up? i just dont see how i am measuring too small when i have gained almost 55 pounds.:whistle:. and i am confused about him saying i hide my baby cuz me, my boyfriend, and our family have no problems at all finding him! anyone been thru this and could offer me some advice? please help!!


        i had a 91/2 pound baby my doctor told me before i her that she would only weigh about 7 pounds because i was so little the baby must of been really hiding every body was shocked how big she was so just because your belly is small doesnt mean your baby is going to be small


          I measured small starting around week 34. At week 36, I had to start having non stress tests and ultrasounds twice/week and I was on bedrest, because they thought the baby was too small. She was born at 4 lbs, but healthy. Don’t worry!!! I’ve also heard that you may measure small toward the end anyway.


            🙂 ok i went today for my FOURTH ultrasound i am 37 weeks and they said my baby is weighing in aroung 6 pounds exactly. he has a chubby face and they could even show me that he had hair on his head!! so i think thats good? is 6 pounds at 37 weeks good? they said it was!


              After just reading the first post u made b4 th ultrasounds i would of believed the size going by ultrasound anyway as a dr just feeling the tummy could of felt small as bubs might have been curled up.
              I’m glad all is well and good luck with the birth!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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