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      Okay girls, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and at 1 AM on the 4th of July I started experiencing what felt like painful braxton hicks contractions. They were coming so frequently and I was in so much pain that I decided to time them. They were 2 minutes or less apart!! This lasted until 7 AM and I decided to go to the hospital. The first nurse that checked my cervix said that it was still closed, but the second nurse said I had dilated to 1 cm. At that point the painful contractions had slowed to a stop and I didn’t have to get on any medication to stop labor which I am so greatful for. They gave me a prescription in case I had a vaginal infection (because that can cause contractions), discharged me and told me to bedrest for at least one day. I don’t know exactly what caused the contractions and I don’t know what stopped them, however I do babysit a little girl during the day and I also have a night job that (up until now) I worked 40 hours a week. My fiance thinks this is what started it all – so to be cautious I cut my hours at my night job. I haven’t talked to my doctor about what happened and I don’t know if he thinks I should still be working or not. What do you guys think?? I want to do what’s best for my little girl and her being born at thirty weeks is NOT the best thing at all. The experience scared me enough to really worry, and I truly think I was in labor. Any input would help 🙂 Thanks!



        I am very new to this site…I just found it, read your blog, and decided to join. I am 30 weeks as well and was put on bedrest 2 weeks ago because I was having similar contractions and was dilated to 1 cm and 50-60% effaced. So far, bedrest has helped!! Contractions still come and go, but I haven’t progressed any further! I have so much to talk to you about, but for now I just wanted to let you know that putting your feet up will REALLY help! I even stopped working my part time job! I do still get up and go some, but I take it easy for the most part. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes with you!! Definately talk with your Dr!


          I hate to hear that someone else is in my position! I’m so sorry! But at the same time, I’m a little relieved that I’m not the only one, you know? LOL. I did call my doctor yesterday and he said that I should work no more than 4 hours per day until my next appointment. As I mentioned earlier, I had already cut my hours down to every other day for 6 hours per day – so I’m not going to change that schedule since it’s pretty much the same thing. Did you make the decision to quit working? Or did your doctor suggest it? I’ve heard putting your feet up works and I hope I don’t have another little episode that makes me have to try it! I also hear that drinking tons of water helps. Why do you think your contractions started? Did you time them and everything? This is my second kiddo – so I know what labor feels like, and I really believe I was going into labor. Do you think you were too? Please keep in touch!


            Well, this is actually my 4th son! I went through this with my second, but they put my on BR and gave me shots to stop contractions and I carried him to term. He is 6 now.
            Last year, my water broke at 24 weeks. I was in hospital until 28 weeks when I gave birth to a beautiful boy (Levi) weighing 2lbs 7 oz. He was doing awesome for the first week in the NICU, but then he got a terrible infection and didn’t make it. He was born 9-2-07 and died 9-11-07.
            Now, Isaiah is coming. He is supposed to be a planned C-section on Sept 9, but I think he will probably come early.
            I only worked 20-25 hours/week but the DR put me on bedrest and it really has helped. I am probably up more than I should be, but it still has helped! Water does seem to help as well. I went for my sono yesterday and I was still at 1 cm 60% effaced. If she pushed on my tummy, I would efface more and didn’t recover very fast so that is why bedrest is important! I had a sono and Isaiah is a whopping 4 lbs!!! That is twice the size of Levi already! She said if I went full term it would be a 9 lb baby. I have already had my steriod shots to mature baby’s lungs just in case he comes early…at this weight already I think he will do okay! I did ASK for the steriod shots. I wanted some piece of mind and the Dr didn’t argue. I don’t know if you have had them before ( I had them with my last 3) They come in 2 doses (24 hours apart) and the shot goes in your upper butt or hip area. They burn, but they are soooooo worth it! I am convinced Levi didn’t have to be on the ventilator but for a couple hours because of those shots! They told me he wouldn’t even cry, but he came out screaming!!:)
            Hang in there…every week they gain 1/2 lb and every day is important! If you make it to 32 it would be awesome and at 34 weeks, they baby would probably not have to stay in the NICU!!! My Dr will let me off of bedrest at 34 weeks so you are so close! Stay in touch, sounds like we are in similar positions!


              haha i had that but i got horrible pains and stuff and i went to the hospital and they told me to do bedrest for a few days it works wonders i was only 29 weeks but still lol im 30 weeks now and u have to start being relaxed!! lol its hard sometimes lol but it works lol


                Thanks for the advice 🙂 I’ve been taking it easy ever since and the only thing my doc ever said to me was to work 4 hours per day. He didn’t suggest bedrest or anything! Craziness.

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