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      [color=#000080″>So I am supposed to be like 2 weeks 2 days I had a phone consultation and took a home test. I have every sign of early pregnancy except fainting/diziness.ALL of them! Now I know about "implantation bleeding" but i thought it was ONLY 8-10 days after conception. Well tonight i got a very tiny amount very tiny on my undies well it basically didn’t look like anything this prob is gross or somthing but i need to know well i wiped when i went pee and there was very very little blood but it was like a dull bright red. I just want to know if I am spotting…implantation bleeding…period….what I AM FREAKING OUT HERE! Please someone get back to me ASAP.

      Lots of love,Ashtan
      xxo :unsure:

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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