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      ok so i took 3 tests today all positive im excited and very scared. im just worried that i will get all excited and lookin forward to having this baby, then i find out i have a miscarige. i really dont want that at all i need advice on how to keep my and my baby healthy please help!


        Take prenatal viamins and make sure u keep up with doctor appointments. Also, my doctor advised me not to drink caffine during my pregnancy. Make sure u get good rest. Congradulations!



          Hello and Congratulations!!

          It’s a beautiful calling to be a mother, and you are showing natural signs of protecting your child already. It’s very important to understand how to take care of your body which is nourishing your unborn baby, and equally important to pay attention to what your baby needs while inside your womb.
          Rest for yourself is huge, as it will allow your mind to rest as well as help your baby to develop and rest. When your body is in a calm and relaxed state, it helps to produce a healthy baby.
          Your diet is very crucial during the first trimester (1-3 months) Eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible and it’s better to eat them and all foods in their most natural state. Taking in Folic Acid is going to help your unborn baby’s chances of developing without major physical disabilites. (that’s where dark green vegetables come in)
          Eating small meals throughout the day as opposed to 3 large meals (breakfast,lunch,dinner) has always been recommended since your uterus will be putting pressure on your stomach as your progress through your pregnancy. With larger meals sitting in your stomach, you will feel uncomfortable, get heartburn more and make you feel sluggish. Think more in terms of early breakfast, breakfast, mid-morning tea time w/snack, lunch, afternoon tea w/snack, light dinner, evening tea time.
          You should start drinking water from the minute you wake up to get all the required liters in by the end of the day. This may make you feel like you’ll get water-logged, but water is incredibly important to help the baby flush out all the waste within it’s bowels as well as keeping you hydrated. Remember you are making a human inside you. Don’t stop drinking!!
          Stress…….avoid it as much as you can. You may feel very strong at times during your pregnancy, physically, as if you can take on the world. This is usually right after your 1st trimester ends. But you are not invincable, and stressful situations can play a major part in fetal stress. Elevated heartrates and rise in blood pressure during pregnancy, will be transmitted to the life support of the fetus.
          Please surround yourself with a network of loving and supportive people who will take your pregnancy into consideration and protect you.

          Good luck throughout your pregnancy, and let us share in this with you by staying in touch.If there’s any other advice you need, please let us know.

          Many blessings and a healthy pregnancy.



            Prenatal vitamins are very important! And doc. Appoitments-write down everything you want to ask them,so that it won’t bother even if you forget it when you’ll be there-from all the excitement,belive me;)
            Eat healthy-dont change your habbits dramaticly,just make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals by food also..you can drink max a cup of cola/coffe per day..cola may also help you with the morning sickness if you aren’t one of the lucky ones without it.. Don’t push yourself to much in sports..and good luck!



              try not to get stressed, keep yourself calm and take prenatal vitamins, my doctor gave me folic acid.

              again, Congratulations; so happy for you and your baby daddy :). speak to you later babe 🙂

              Bernardette x


                Okay so I wrote this out yesterday and hit some button and had to rewrite it, I DID THAT TWICE. Made me mad so I quit but I am going to try doing it once more for you. Anyways, so right away you want to get prenatal vitamins and you want to get yourself set up with an doctors appointment. Prenatal vitamins will help with all the extra nutrients you need if you don’t get enough that day. Also it helps with your worry’s of miscarriage! I wouldn’t worry too much about miscarriage because its all about mind over matter and positive thinking(yeah I probably sound crazy)Also if miscarriage doesn’t run in your family it is unlikely it will happen too you. Usually girls who worry a lot about it have it happen sad to say. You’ll probably get a lot of negative from people around you as you are young but just block those people out or at least their thoughts and just stick positive. You will feel a lot better too. You should also get yourself a book called “What to expect when you’re expecting” I got mine at superstore so if you don’t have a superstore I am sure you could get it at any book store and its cheap too and comes with a lot of information and even what you should eat and how much of what you should eat. Another thing you can do is look on youtube and google and type in things like “Pregnancy do’s and don’ts” you would be amazed with what you can find online. Also, its hard to get so much calcium as you already have to drink a lot of water so my doctor told me that you can eat 3 tums a day and that is enough calcium. I would wait till near the end of the day though as if you take calcium with iron the iron won’t go into your body. Another thing my doctor said was he asks all his pregnant patients to walk for at least 45 minutes a day, if you do that through out your pregnancy you will stay healthy and have a easier birth. So far its the easiest thing I have to do. Another thing is you want to cut out pop and coffee and anything with caffeine. You can still have one here and there though I like to have a sip every now and then from my boyfriends pop :blush:
                You want to cut out junk food too as you don’t want to gain unnecessary weight and it will be easier to get the weight off after if it wasn’t just weight that’s there. You can snack here and there but many times people see pregnancy as an excuse to gorge and I was always told “you are eating for two” really we are eating for 1 and less then a quarter right now because at even 7 weeks the baby is the size of a blue berry small I know! Anyways if you have anything else you want to know just ask me or even look it up. OH YA, I get cramps a lot and most women do in the beginning of pregnancy I was told its from your uterus stretching so don’t worry if you get small cramps here and there but anything that last for over a half hour I would ask your mom or someone as mine only last for a minute at most. Though everyone is different. Anyways just ask me if ya want to know anything 🙂 Congratulations and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

                PS. I left a few things out as some of the other girls already stated them too

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