3 months pregnant, and yet scan shows 6 weeks…WHY AND HOW

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      I am a 38 year old woman, and even at my age I am so confused about the above topic. I fell pregnant 2 years ago, I know 100% for sure that I should have been almost 3 months by the time it was confirmed. I always kept my monthly dates in a book. I was told at my first check up that I actually was not even 5 weeks preggie. This I believe as I saw no baby, but just an empty sack. 2 weeks later, it had changed for the good, but alas 2 months later I lost it. My question is this: How on earth can your body decide without a period that u are going to conceive when ever it wants to. I have NO DOUBTS that I am 100% sure of my last date…

      NOW…my last date was mid December 2012, I have been doing home tests up until March, and all negative. Last week I did another and blow me down…positive. So please correct me if I am wrong…but I then should be about 3 and a half months already…I am going for a check up during the week, and you can imagine my worry. If u can shed any light on this situation, I would love to hear from you


        Hey there, I can see why you would be so confused….I am as well! I am no doctor but I have a couple of theories….First, I am SO sorry for your loss a couple years back, what a surprise to find out about your baby only to end up saying goodbye too soon….Clearly something went wrong in your pregnancy, this could be why your baby seemed to only be measuring 5 weeks along after 3 months of no period, it could be that something went way wrong, leading to very slow development and eventually your painful loss….Some women do not show up on tests very early, I even had a negative blood test at 5 weeks along with my first baby, I showed up negative on tests with all of my kids for several weeks….Like I said, I am not a doctor but from personal experience and gleaning from other shared stories I believe it has to do with hormone levels….I am SO glad you have a check up this week and I am hoping and praying for you that all is well this time around, Have you ever given birth to a full term child or is the pregnancy two years ago your first dealings with pregnancy? Be sure to tell your doctor about your past experience and any concerns you have, be pushy for answers if you need to be, they are used to it, don’t let them sweep your needs under the rug….I really hope that you will come back and let us all know what you find out, I am praying for you and hoping that your little one will stay put and remain healthy…Much love and talk soon! Meg


          Dear Meg

          It was more than lovely to have got your reply, thank you so much. Well, your reply to my blog did make sense to me, maybe as a mother already, I just did not want to accept what you confirmed. I have now spent the last days in and out of the “High Risk” unit at the hospital, still no scan, but by them doing there digging and what not, they tell me that I am about 15 weeks already. It makes sense as you dont count the first 2 weeks of being pregnant. They are worried about my blood pressure as it was really shocking yesterday, so bad that when I got home, I took tabs and slept for over 16 hours straight. Hubby fed me a few mouthfuls of dinner though. There has been a date placed for the scan Meg, this Tuesday coming. I will keep you updated.

          When I was 19, I gave birth to my son (was 7 months preggie) he passed on after a week in the hospital. I then found out a year later that I was preggie again. My daughter was then born, as well on 7 months. She actually came home with me from the hospital the very next day! Then about 9 years later I was 4 months preggie and had lost it…then the baby from 2 years ago!!! So I know that you will fully understand as to why I am more than stressed about the baby now. I want this baby with all my mind, body and soul. This baby will finish the “circle of life” meaning, that I would have the two children that I want, and my husband now that has no children of his own…would have been blessed with a gift from God…am I being selfish do you think?

          Ok hon, I must go and finish up what I have go to do, will chat again soon though I am sure!!!


            Well congratulations on your sneaky little one! I will be keeping you in my prayers as you lay low, I know the stress and worry is strong but don’t allow yourself to be robbed of this special time, whether you are blessed to bring this baby to term or whether you have a short time, just relish the moment and feel that sweet connection with your little one! I am glad the doctors are taking good care of you and addressing your concerns! Thanks for the update and keep us all informed on how you are! Love Meg


              Dear Meg…its me again 🙁

              How are you hon? I hope much better than me. I had the scan done today, they say NO BABY, they cant find it 🙁 . They also said to me that it does look like I am pregnant, about 4 weeks (4 preggie tests have been done so I know I am) Meg, this is like history repeating itself all over again…and I am so finished. I could not even go in to see the Dr today as she had to leave. I am more than broken, I just dont understand how I cannot have a ‘monthly’ for 4 months and no baby, and yet they tell me im about 4 weeks…HOW HOW HOW

              I have told my hubby that I am not going back to the Dr for a month. That way I am sure I should get the answers that I am maybe not wanting, but Ill get them any way!!!


                I am now 42 but when I got pregnant with my third and fourth child, like you I knew what my cycle dates were. The Doctor argued with me about it and tried telling me when I had my last period, crazy. All I cn tell you is that with my last child I had my period Jan 15th that lasted 7 days but did not have sex until Feb 13 as my husband was recuperating from surgery and that was the only time we had sex in 8 months. Then on Feb 15th I got my period on time and was still bleeding 9 days later and called the Doctor as I was annoyed my period was lasting so long and all I got was questions about pregnancy symptoms(never had any)..To make a long story short I took a test and it was positive and then was worried as I was spotting, thus the end result was 2 progesterone suppositories for a threatened misscarriage and ended up having a small but healthy baby who was a week early..Samething with third child. I never got an explanation, but did always measure a month earlier than I was, sometimes there is just no reason..Just stay positive!!


                  I know it all seems so confusing. Most pregnancies are measured by your the first day of your last menstrual period. (LMP) Sometimes this is not exact because you could be thinking you are having your period, and it was really just spotting or sometimes implantation bleeding. Also. babies can be born early and healthy. Most doctors say after 30 weeks they are comfortable that a baby can breath on their own outside of the womb.

                  If you are really concerned about tracking your dates, you can also download some of the “cycle” calendars for mobile phone or go to babycenter.com and you can track it online. This will help you with a more accurate date if you need one.

                  Take care and wishing you the best with your little one!



                    I know this can be confusing, but sometimes you think you are having your period and it is actually implantation bleeding or spotting from the pregnancy. I am not a medical doctor, but I believe that the best method of predicting your date is to have an ultra-sound. They can measure the baby, your placenta and your uterus to give you a very good idea of the “age” of your baby.

                    If you want to track your cycle in the future, there are some great apps you can download or go to babycenter.com and sign-up for their menstruation and growth of your baby tracking programs.

                    Wishing the best for you and your baby!

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