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      so i have a 3-D ultrasound scheduled for next week on the 11th to check my baby for downs…i’m kinda worried…has ne one else had a 3-D ultrasound done for this or ne other reason?…i’ve wanted to get one done but i’m just worried, and my mother-in-law is WAY worried especially since she has worked with special ed kids like downs kids…she is scared for us and the baby….and she’s going with us……aaahhh…i’m just so confused!……………….and just to clear a few things up for everyone i’m turning 18 the day after the ultrasound, and this is my first baby………………….


        Well there is always a chance, but I wouldn’t worry too much.Because of your age your chance for having a child with down syndrome is slim. Down syndrome is MUCH more of a risk to women having children when they are over 35.


          Lord I want to lift this family up to You…I pray that this ultra-sound would bring knowledge to this family of any kind of defects…I pray that You would even go before and touch this baby and cause there to be nothing wrong….Lord if it be Your will to bless this family with a special needs child then give them a double portion of Your grace, strength, love, and perserverance….I ask right now that Your will be done in their lives and that they would have a willingness to accept the cup that You have placed in front of them…I give this to You and all of the other needs of this family in Jesus name…..and if anyone else reads this and agrees say with me Amen…. I will be praying for you and your family….my sister in law has a little girl with downs and she is such a blessing…just praise God for your baby no matter what (I know you will)….Love and Prayers…Meg 🙂


            Hi – I didnt have an ultrasound to check for downs, but a few days after my 19 wk ultrasound my midwife rang me up and said that my baby had a left ventricular echogenic foci which can be a marker for downs. She said because of my age (im 20) the risk was really low,but i had the second trimester screening done. Everything came back fine but i was really worried and absolutely bawled my eyes out after i got off the phone. Just saying i can understand how worried you are at the moment, but chances are things are ok. Have you had any other testing done?

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