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      [i]Ok, I know this is way different from the last forum thread I posted and I don’t even know if I’m posting in the right place but it’s too late now..

      This is pretty much the situation now. I broke up with my boyfriend cause he was way to clingy and wouldn’t give me space, he was pretty much just beginning to act my another of my ex boyfriend’s before he went all weird. So before it got to that stage I decided to dump him :/

      Anyway, that’s not the point. I have a really close, good, amazing friend of mine who’s eighteen but the only thing is..he does drugs and sometimes deals them (when it suits him). At the moment he’s had his drivers licence taken off him for ANOTHER three months, so he can’t traffic or get drugs himself (which I am thankful for).

      Pretty much all I need is ideas to make him see that he is destroying his life..He doesn’t just do ‘weed’, he does ‘P’, extacy and speed. The BAD drugs. The ones that actually do f**k up your life. I’ve managed to get him to stop before but that was by manipulation and I don’t want to do that to him again ):

      So do any of you have ideas that could help me get him to come to his senses?

      PS – I also have an appointment with the drug and alcohol counselor on Tuesday to see what he has to say about it but I also really want to get your advice on this too (:[/i]


        πŸ™‚ hey! dont wory..

        lately you have been having problems with your really close, good, amazing friend of yours..!!!but more important is you must accept the problems and work through them. it wont always be easy, but a positive outlook will lighten the load. keep in mind at all times that you are very capable with any complications that life has to offer so do whatever you must feel whatever you must do the best you can..!! you can bring his senses back. believe in yourself,,help him and guide him and always remind your friend that it is not good for him,,he is destroying himself also his health. and it also can give you a karma.


          Hi there πŸ™‚
          I am in a similar situation, as my younger brother (17 years old) is taking drugs as well. What I figured out is that if he doesnt want to do anything about it, no matter how much you help him, it won’t change anything. dont get me wrong, im not trying to discourage you, im trying to show you how his mind works and how you need to take that into account. So the thing you can do to try and help him, is try to find something that will make him WANT to stop. for example, a hobby that could replace the drugs. or something that he can see greater or a better future in. do you understand what im saying? I know that people who take drugs stop sports because it is said that drugs has the same ‘good’ feeling as after you do sports (it activates endorphins in your body). So if he likes sports, try to get him to do some with you, or take him out hiking, or biking. swimming, basketball, running, anything that can get him active. try to tired him out!
          What you could also try is telling him that people around him love him, because he might have low self-esteem. Try to figure out the REASON why he is in drugs. something is his past? is he trying to forget something? someone? is he doing that because he doesnt believe he is worth anything? there must be a source, and when you will find it, it will help you a LOT.
          If he is your close friend, and you dont smoke or take drugs, try to stay with im as much as possible so you can be the ‘good example’ to him. Show him what you do that makes you feel good, like sports, or music, or any hobbie really. Maybe he will get interested in what you do if you spend more and more time with him πŸ™‚
          One last thing (before this turns into a novel :P), if you want, try to hang out with him when he takes drugs, and try to see which friends is he around? this might help too, to see if people brought him into that, or if it’s something else πŸ™‚
          Anywyas, I hope this will help you and i wish you good luck!!


            [i]Jemo: The thing is he LIKES doing drugs, to him it’s better than anything combined and I know what he means because I used to do drugs as well..Not his kinda drugs, but still, drugs all the same. But now I’ve cleaned up my act because I need to focus on school and getting into college next year (: But he has nothing to focus on, he works sure, but he doesn’t want to go to college or anything like that :/ He knows it’s destroying him but at the moment he doesn’t really mind because he has the “I can stop anytime” thought in his mind, which is true. He’s stopped before, so he can stop again, he just needs a reason. His family doesn’t know, he doesn’t have a girlfriend (I’m actually his ex, but it’s not the same) and his friends do drugs too :/

            Millie92: I completely know what you mean! Everything you just said is everything that I’ve been thinking too! Except I need to find something different because he isn’t one of those “sporty” people, he’s more of the person who would watch and cheer instead..When I was dating him I actually tempted him with sex and it worked (for a while) but since I didn’t see him everyday he just started lying about it and things kinda went downhill from there :/ I asked him WHY he keeps doing them and he just says “because I like it, because I get a good deal” .. Not real reasons if you ask me. I know I was doing it to ESCAPE. I actually hate living at my house and I used to do it just to get away for a couple of hours but now I’ve grown up a little bit and I’ve stopped (: I’ve met his friends…pretty much every single on of them does drugs too :/ Even the people at his work do it :/ It’s just a nightmare. [/i]

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