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      I’m 18 and 14 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks, I told the father straight away. He didn’t want the baby, said it would ruin our lives, we would never be more than friends if i kept it, he can’t be a father etc. He won’t speak to me unless I have an abortion, but i just can’t do it. I want my baby and all i want is for him to want the baby too.

      I don’t know what to do, i know i want the baby but i don’t want to do it alone, i don’t want my baby to grow up without a dad.



        Hey there sweetie!! I just saw your post and wanted to drop you a line and reassure you that by keeping YOUR baby, you are doing the right thing….I had that same fear with my first child, pregnant at 19, he wanted me to have an abortion, broke up with me and all. I gave it some serious thought but ultimately kept my daughter who is now in 2nd grade and so smart. I raised her by myself for 4 1/2 years, no family around, no child support, it was hard but I made it, I even had another baby when she was 2 1/2 so I had 2 on my own for 2 years….I knew that giving my children the opportunity to live, smile, feel, breathe, eat ice cream, run, feel grass on their bare feet, etc…without a dad was better than living with a lifetime of regret due to abortion, my kids do have a dad now, I am married to a wonderful man and if I have such a great guy and I had two on my own, your chances are even higher than mine…LOL…this is not about relationships, this is not about marriage, this is not about fear, this is about another human being, this human being happens to be occupying your womb at the moment and cannot make it outside of your womb for at least another few months, this child will grow up to be an adult, maybe will hold the cure for cancer or aids in that amazing mind that is developing inside of you at this moment….this is not about your boyfriend, petty threats of his, this is about YOU, YOUR CHILD, and the FUTURE that is forever changed whether you keep the baby or have an abortion, your life will never be the same, it can have a turn for the better with some ups and downs but ultimately be blessed by watching your child grow and live life or you can live the rest of your life wondering who this child would have been, boy or girl, eye color, favorite colors, I am here for you and I hope things get easier for you, just give it a few more days and you will be feeling your little one thumping around on your bladder…it is the most amazing feeling in all the world….please let me know what you are thinking and what you plan on doing….Love Meg


          i had the same problem as you and im only 18 and 8 weeks.when i was 3 weeks i told my bf and we broke up cuz i didnt believe in giving it up and he seen i didnt have a problem with him not being there but trust me it hurt alot and sacred me alot too but i didnt let him see that than 2 weeks later he came back and wanted to work on things.hunny trust me if you tell him having this baby will make you even more happy. than he might understand.and even if he dosent see that theres always more guys out there that are willing to take care of a baby…..good luck hun let me know what happens:)


            he might come around but u are woman and wmen hae been takeing care of their selves and kids for yrs alone so u could do it to

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