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      So my name is Starmeka & im 17 yrs old. I got pregnant before my 17th bday which is in march. My pregnancy been good no complaints what so ever. No morning sickness, cramps,nada. My boyfriend has been supportive with the whole thing. BTW we been together going on 3 yrs. Of course when I told my parents they was really dissapointed & kept giving me lectures. They haven’t completely accepted my pregnancy but day by day I guess its getting easier for them. Im now 24 weeks into my pregnancy and Im having a babygirl. I just cant wait to finally meet her cause with all I been through, I did it all for her! So for all the girls who is scared, I understand. I was too. You just have to think whats best for you & your baby and forget about everything else.


        I know what you’re saying. I’ve had no discomfort at all, we’re lucky!! I can’t wait to meet my little girl who i’ve endured and still enduring alot of things for. Though, My mom is ignoring the fact i’m pregant still and i’m 26 weeks (Due November 1st). She’s more concerned with money and told me to move out atfer i have the baby because “it’s getting too expensive”. She hasn’t brought anything for me beside food since i’ve told her i was pregnant(that was four months ago). The only help i receive is from my boyfriend and his family. He buys everything for me, he works so hard and i hope i can repay him for everything he’s done. I have a very unsupportive mom. I don’t mind having to move out because my mom is unstable and emotionally abusive and plus my siblings are a nuisance! I’d lose my mind trying to manage living with them. I’m focused and graduating highschool this year. Just waiting on the arrival of Noalie Alisa Landaverde <3


          wow your every lucky to have your boyfriend there with you. My boyfriend is four years older then me and when i told him he told me eaither get an abortion or he wants nothing to do with the babies life. Im 14 years old and i have been getting morning sickness and im only 1 month pregnet. Im excited for my baby to come to this world but i know that if getting pregnet was hard then things are going to get much harder for both our lifes. I wish my boyfriend was supportive and i wish my parents would be too i even wish that my friends would be supportive only 1 of my friends told me to keep the baby out of like 20 girls. The rest told me to put the baby for adoption or to get an abortion.


            Agreed You are Lucky to have your boyfriend standing by you im just over 11 weeks pregnant and my ex tried to blackmail me into haiving an abortion, never could i have gone through it though. My Mum is being very supportive and I have amazing people around me who are giving me loads of baby stuff and im very lucky that through my mums work (she’s a social worker) she can see that i am going to be a very good Mum. Beautiful-pearl it is always your decision to keep your baby and if thats what you want then do it, seeing your child on screen is the most magical experiance and i can’t wait to bring my baby into the world. Abortion and Adoption are hard decisions and if you ever need any support I’m here … and the morning sickness i would say it gets better but i can’t promise you that. Good luck to you all in the rest of your pregnancies

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