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      I’m starting to think that my doctor was right and that my pregnancy symptoms are all in m head:( once again, I’m late (this timem 23dpo) and there’s no sign of AF showing up.
      I’ve got nausea, mild cramping, bloating an I’m unnaturally emotional… the smallest thing makes me cry. The strangest thing is htat my boobs aren’t sore at all:huh: they just feel really heavy lol I know that’s wtmi (sorry).
      Anyway… last night I had some spotting and thought that it was my period. But this morning there was nothing.
      We did have unprotected sex while I was ovulating and I was not on the pill at the time.

      I feel really confused by what’s going on with my body these days. I don’t know if it really is a psychological thing or what :unsure: I know the only way too be sure is to take an hpt, but I can’t handle another negative test:( Am I pregnant or is there something else wrong with me?
      I’m sorry this is such a long post, so thanks for reading it and for any response/advice.

      Blessed Be,
      Eva xoxox


        Hey Eva,,

        Is there anything stressing you out that could cause your period to be late? Maybe try relaxing for a couple days.. have a hot bath, read, take a nap, anything to distract yourself from thoughts about the situation.. I know it will be hard but please, try and take another hpt in about a week or so.. if you rlly cant then maybe go in and ask for a blood test? I love you lots please take care and keep us updated!!

        xox Enya


          Hey Enya, thanks for the support… yr a real angel. I’m going to take an hpt tommorrow and just get it over with, a negative result is probably the worst that can happen.
          I hope yr doing well 🙂
          Love ya stax.
          E xoxo


            hey there, i know your post was a few weeks ago how are things? I do know that stress causes late periods and they even say you can make your body belive its preganant even if your not. I know relaxing makes me feel better try and do something for you. keep me posted!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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