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      so i’m 23wks…and was wondering if anyone else had shocking or painful kicks this eary?…


        Hey – im 23 weeks tomorrow and get booted rather hard on a regular basis. I dont think its much to worry about, just annoying at times.


          im 23 weeks too and i feel very stong kicks sometimes too….so im guessing that it is normal


            Mine arent painful, But I am 23 weeks too and the kicks make me nautious if she continuously does them.


              Yes… very shocking and powerful kicks several times a day. Sometimes in the middle of a bus journey, she’ll kick or jump or punch violently and I’ll gasp or make noise… I wonder if people might think I’m a lunatic. Hahahaha….


                my daughter started to kick at 20 weeks, im sure its just the way the baby it kicking.


                  Yes, you can usually feel "kicks" around this time period. Congrats, and Best wishes!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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