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      hi everyone,im 21 weeks pregnant and for 3 days now ive had a brown,sometimes pinkish discharge,like the begining of a period,its not getting heavier but not stopping either,had mild cramps on ond off but i put it down to streatching pains?i had a scan 2 days ago and everything was fine and i can still feel him moving around.
      has anyone else had this happen? should i be worried or see a doctor? i dont know what to think,i dont want to loose him, someone please help.xxx


        whitish discharge is normal at 21 weeks, as is mild ache-yness in your lower abdomen. But brown or pinkish discharge could be a bad sign. Did you mention the discharge to your doctor two days ago? If not you might want to make another appointment.
        It’s probably nothing to worry about, but ‘better safe than sorry’, right?


          hey it sounds to me likec’spotting’, its wen the placenta is lying abit low so u get a pinkish brownish discharge, um the only thing i know you can do is sit wit ur legs higher then ur head so if u lie down and put ur legs up against the wall it should help n get alot of bed rest but if it persists i think u should go see a doc

          hope i helped in some way n congrats on the pregnancy!!


            thanks for your replies,i woke up the next morning and the discharge ha turned to blood so i went to the hospital,they listened to babys heartbeat and it was fine,they done an internal check and said i had cervix erosion and its nothing to worry about just rest as much as possible until it stops.
            its stopped now but sometimes if ive done lots of walking the brown comes back again for a day but i can feel the baby moving lots so ill jus take it easy and keep an eye on things.


              Ok, thanks for letting us know!


                thats god it has been checked out BUT when the dr says rest..it means REST. None of this walking. You don’t want to go into premature labour.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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