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        Hey hun, sounds like your in a bit of a tizz. First of all i think its great thats youve chatted with your mum, chatting with mine helped me so much when i was worried about things. Now what you need to do is take a pg test. If you are pg then i think you and your other half need to have a long chatt, and if your not then by the sound of things you still need to have a long chatt. Im not going to rant on however you have to suffer the consequences of your actions now and again, and if you are pg because thats what you wanted then you should be happy about it (its an amazing thing- honestly!), its not like youve bought something from a shop and you can take it back cause you dont fancy it anymore. I know it sounds harsh but your a woman now at 19 and being a woman and having sex comes with responsability.
        I fell pregnant by "accident" possibly just like you, and trust me i know how you feel. I was terrified when i saw the posotive test. Suddenly i didnt want to be pregnant, i doubted my partner- every doubt crossed my mind! Hun i really feel for you. My advice is take things day by day. I did, Im now 6 month pg and engadged to the dad and it feels amazing! Mistakes turn out for the best some times 😉 p.s youve still got the rest of your life to become an art teatcher, life has its own timetable at times xxxx


          Well, firstly you need to take a pregnancy test.
          Secondly, why are you talking about this as if it’s the end of your life? If the mass media really likes to tell you that having a baby young is the end of your life, well then let it blab, it’s talking out of you know where.
          You CAN finish college with a baby, heaps of girls have done it before, and heaps of them will do it after. 19 is the age of an adult — you are a full-grown woman, who made certain decisions that get you into certain situations.
          And let me tell you, having a baby is one of the best things in life. Even if you do end up single.
          I agree with blackgriffix, life has it’s own timetable sometimes, sometimes you just need to go with the flow.
          Wishing you all the best xx

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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