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      So I’m 17, in my last year of high school and I’m in a stable relationship with my boyfriend of three years.
      I missed my period, took two pregnancy tests and, low and behold, they were both positive. I don’t think the reality has set in yet. They were ‘First Response’ and I’m told by my friends that they’re extremely accurate.

      I’m content with having a baby at this stage, but I don’t really think it’s hit me yet… I mean, we have a fully furnished spare house and my bub would be due after exams. Boyfriend is studying and receiving benefits off the government, I work really hard when I’m not at school. Could still go to university after a gap year.

      What I’m really worried about is my parents. We’re close and all, I tell them most things… But my mother has terrible depression and is going through a rough stage at the moment. They wouldn’t kick me out or anything; they’d understand I’d need support but I think they’d be worried about my future, disappointed, blaming themselves and concerned about what the rest of the family will think. :S

      I’m trying to get into the doctor tomorrow, if not I’ll have to wait a couple of days. I’ve only told a few of my closest friends and obviously my boyfriend.

      Any advice? How to cope? I think when it hits me it’ll hit me hard.

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