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      Hi there i am going to start by telling you all a little about myself. I am 20 years old, will turn 21 in April. I have a beautiful little girl who will be 2 at the end of May. I got married to my high school sweetheart this past October and right away we wanted to start trying for another baby. We wanted our kids to be close in age. I just found out yesterday that i am pregnant and due in September. Although this is what we wanted i am a little nervous about raising 2 kids. Sometimes i my daughter is a hand full and i don’t know how i am going to do 2 of them. So i am looking for some advice from some people who have 2 children close in age that can give me some pointers on how to get through the pregnancy with my little one always wanting to jump on me and me feeling so tired. Also some advice on how to raise a baby and a toddler in the terrible 2’s, IE jelousy issues, splitting my time between then and all that. Anything at all will be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you for reading


        There’s two years between my two. They’re a handful but it’s worth it!
        Harry can get jealous at times but I let him help with GemGem a lot, like when im changing her nappy or giving her a bath. It helps him bond with his sister and not feel left out.
        Its a bit harder in the beginning, but we found that if one of you bonds with the baby in the day and the other at night, then which ever one isnt preoccupied with the baby can look after your little girl.
        Time splitting is really hard but it just gets into a pattern!


          Hey there hun, Im a mother of two children as well… Sklyer is 3 n Dylan is 2, so 11 months apart, im also pregnant with my 3rd child im due june 27.. I now how you feel, Sklyer is a big hand full when is comes 2 sharing or gettin upset when i play with dylan more then her, she throws things when he doesn’t get her way… I had my kids when i was 16 n 17 years old, to this day im still wondering how the heck i raised 2 kids alone minus help from my older sister for 3 years.. If u need anything, Feel free 2 ask anything


            I see some great advice already but I want to share as well…I will not lie, going from one to two is the hardest adjustment I ever made with my kids, I have 4….I clearly survived though..LOL…you will too, I had my oldest help me with diaper changes and she would take the diaper to the garbage for me, I had her start helping with little things, it helped me and made her feel important and gave us time for just us, she would fold wash cloths and put clothes on hangers, yes even at 2-3 years old she was very capable of that, you also have time to adjust because it is really the terrible 3s you need to worry about…hahahaha, 2 was nothing, 3 is HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE!!! LOL….just make sure you take time with the older one, go on little dates when you can, let her know she is still special to you and always will be…my oldest is now a little mommy, not literally as she is only 8 but she cooks, she can load and start the dishwasher and empty it as well, same with the washer and dryer, she is practically capable of operating the house when I am sick…she is awesome….I have no doubt in my mind that her drive and love for helping is because I trained her to do so when her brother came along, sometimes she will be a little resentful and complain about helping but that is normal with all kids but the vast majority of the time she is BEGGING me to let her cook dinner or give her sister a bath (she is 2)….be creative and have fun, just know that no matter how rough the rough patches are that the blessings will far outweigh them…I think 2-3 years is an ideal age separation…Love Meg

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