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      Hi there Forum, my deal is that in the month of march I had sex about 6 times unprotected (no withdrawl)…Then I thought for sure i’m probably not prego…I suddenly just skipped my period for the month of March. I always regular and haven’t remembered when i had just skipped a peiod so it doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me. Around the time I was due I started getting AF cramps, headaches, very hungry and moody. I actually thought it would arrive because of the cramps but they were brief each day. I took about 6 prego test and all Negative..not even a hint of a very faint line. The thing is my boobs are really soft and dropped, i’ve always had firm perky boobs, then my nipples one day hurt like someone bit them ( they lessened a bit now), I had white milky lotiony discharge up there alot, The viens on my chest are more prominent and go right into the nipple, I’m quite weepy and hurt by everything lately, I’m always tired, and I started like two weeks ago just wanting bacon with cubed cheese on the side and that’s all, I don’t like eggs anymore.seriously, I just eh, gross. I see viens all over my body all of a sudden and wonder where they like that before? Okay but the biggest thing is this coming and going of something i can’t describe down in my pelvic area…it’s like hot dull achey from right to left ovary and my lower back just sore and hurts. So i did go to the GYN as soon as I got benefits and she said I didn’t feel pregnant after the exam, but it could be too soon and that my cervix looked non-preg, but agian could be too soon. She made me take another pee test after I told her i had taken those already. She said to wait one week come back in for urine lab test and if neg, we’ll do the blood test. I left there crying i was so annoyed i just wanted the damn answer. In fact i feel weepy with everything. I feel out of wack. My man is very supportive, but ahhhh!! From your humble experiences am I pregnant? Do you think.


        well you sound pregnant to me but it might just be your body messing you around because your stressed about this. when i was pregnant i did loads of tests and they showed up negative but i just felt pregnant. after about 3 weeks of being late on my period i got a positive test so good luck and tell us the news. x


          Okay what I think…well I do think it might be a little early to have white milky stuff coming out of your breasts and all the other symptoms that you have, I was over a month late and I only got sick from time to time…but everybody is different and everyone’s body reacts in a different way. Girl, if you had unprotected sex 6 times…then you may just be pregnant! There is a high chance and I have no clue why the tests keep on coming out negative…maybe it is a bit early to determine…but a blood test would sure tell you what you wanna know, so go next week like you are suppoused to, that is what I would do. I do also understand that you want the answer now… but you just gotta wait! Good luck…


            You really need to wait another 2 wks. And then take another pregnancy test. I did the same thing took like 7 or more..as far as boobs droppin and leaking i cant say nothing on that cuz im 38 wks and mine just started leakin a milk substance. But your Breast’s should feel like rock hard and very sore. If nothing else i dont wish it…But it could be a tube pregnancy. The GYN really should do a ultra sound if your like 2wks over due…If that be the case you would be 6wks or so. But sorry if this doesn’t help any…either way best of luck!


              It sounds to me like you are pregnant.. I guess the best thing to do is just wait and take another test in about a week..? Just let me know how things go.. ok? And that’s good that your man is supportive.. I wish you guys the best of luck..


                yes i think you are pregnant because that is how i felt be for i took a test at grace place but am about 17 weeks pregnant.


                  Of couse I am not a Dr. and don’t know much about medical issues, but I think I would continue to work with your OBGYN. She is the best bet on conferming a pregnancy if there is one. Breast tenderness is a sign of pregnancy. Often my first indicator of being pregnant, but I have never had the vein thing happen due to pregnancy. I have however had prominent viens leading to my nipple during a breast infection. Not saying that this is the case, but did you ask the OB about this symptom? If not, you may want to. breast infections suck, but are easy to clear up with meds. HTH


                    Well sometimes urine tests do not work for everyone. I didn’t get a positive urine test until I was three weeks past my expected period with my first child. I would definitely take her up on the blood test as those are a ton more accurate anyway. Good luck to you and be sure to keep us posted.

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