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      I am 19, and my BF is 21, and we found out on January 10, 2006 that we are going to be bringing a new life into this world in September. At first, my reaction was incredible scaredness. I was scared to tell my BF and even more-so to tell my parents. But that night, I told my BF, and he was fine with it. I couldn’t understand how he was so calm and collected, but now I understand that he was being strong for me, in my distress. There was no question about abortion ever, or adoption. We got ourselves in this position, and we are old enough, and mature enough to handle this like adults. So, onto telling my parents. My sister is also pregnant(due in May) and she had been through this already, so i asked her to talk to my mom and dad, and explain that I was so scared, and had no clue where to begin, and how not to break down. So, she told them. But I now know that was the first step in my downfall. My parents wanted me to be able to tell them, and it would make me look more responsible for my actions, so i guess I picked a wrong route there. So I went for my first prenatal exam, and all went well. I soon got over my nerves, and immense joy settled over me. I am going to be a mommy! :kiss:So, on Monday, my BF and I went for the 2nd prenatal. It was neat to see where the baby was sitting, and how they tell before an ultrasound where the baby should be sitting. So, we booked our first ultrasound for March 24th! I am so excited! Part of me wants to know what I am having, because we don’t live in a city, where shopping is easily accessible, we have to travel a few hours just for Wal-Mart… lol! So in that aspect, I want to know, but on the other hand, its supposed to be a surprise, and it still would be a surprise when you find out right? I am just a person of slight organization, and would like to plan things out a bit I guess. So, to all of you who are pregnant, and happy, or even scared, please keep your baby, it is the greatest joy in your whole life! Congratulations! I hope you don’t get too much morning sickness! If your prenatal vitamins aren’t agreeing with you, try taking 2 Flinstones vitamins a day, that way, you will still get enough folic acid, and all of the other vitamins required, because alot of ppl’s bodies don’t agree with iron… thats me! So try it out! Good Luck talk to you soon!


        I am also 19 and pregnant. I am due soon…in May. My boyfriend is wonderful, but I am so scared. He is buying a house for us to live in. We will be having to move all our stuff. I am so hungry every day, and I try hard to keep picking healthy foods. The appetite that comes with pg is immense! I bring snacks with me every where I go. I have been working throughout my pregnancy but it’s getting harder. It’s hard to accept this new version of myself. I walk slow, go to the bathroom constantly….Hope I’m a good mother. I don’t want him to criticize me for that too.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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