18, pregnant, and lonely

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      So in February I was working everyday, trying to do things right, trying to make my parents happy and it drove me crazy. So they left on vacation for awhile and I had the month of March to screw as much up as possible. I had sex like twice every day all month. I was definetly drinking some. I dont know I knew it wasnt smart but I just wanted to chill out and have some fun. Then preg symptoms started to show up and I started thinking maybe…. I tested pos. on Sunday then again on tuesday. I told my bf and he told me it was intentional and couldnt be trusted. Hes still with me but not happy with me. Im completely miserable with these symptoms:sick: . Im going to keep him/her though. I already love it. I always probably will. Im 18.


        :side: Hey chill girl!!!! You made a mistake by relaxing a bit TOO much, but that ia history now. its over and done with. Now…you have a little miracle growing under your heart. You said you already love him/her….well…he/she already loves you too!! You are already the most important thing in the world to that litte person. You are a very very wise girl by not running away from consequenses of what you did in a moment of wanting to let down your gaurds. That is not a shame….
        I already have so much respect for you…and I have no doubt that your parents will love and spoil this child rotten!!! He/she will bring more joy in so many peoples lives than you can ever imagine! I HAVE BEEN THERE< BELIEVE ME!!!! Good luck you lucky girl!!! AND…You are NOT alone…you have your little baby in your tummy who will just ADORES it if you chat to him/her and then you have us….
        Love, Yolly

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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