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      [b] Well, I never once thought I would be 17 and pregnant ( im curently 16 weeks about to be 17). But im the type of person to beleive everything happens for a reason. My babys daddy is a great person, and his heart is in the right place. We seem to have alot more problems though, Hes having a hard time finding a job, both of our famileys are just disapointed and really his familey doesnt want me around him and mine doesnt want him around. I always thought when I was to be pregnant (but not this soon) for pregnancy to be a "happy" thing, but personally the way things are going I never found it so depressing. When I fisrt found out I was Pregnant I was Right at 8 weeks, everyone was pressring me to get an abortion, but its not what i wanted, i really want to have this baby, and now everyone is pressuring me to give my baby up for adopition, and i really dont want to do that eaither, when i talk to my boyfriend mike about it, he tells me eevrything is going to be fine and things will be hard for a while but we will pull through it and have a beuatiful baby. Im just so confussed right now and the familey just isnt making things better, I have alot of my best friends familey who also want me to have this baby and to help me out in anyways they can, I have been staying with them recently and i plan to move in with my best friends parents soon. I was just wondering if anyone out there is going or did go through the same thing and what did they do. I plan to get on wic within the next few weeks. thanks 🙂


        I’m glad that you decided to have your baby and that your bf Mike is being supportive. That makes things a bit easier. Whether you decide to go with adoption or raising the child yourself it won’t be easy, but there are resources out there to help. I’m sure that both of your families will come around and be more supportive. The pregnancy probably came as much of a shock to them as it did to you. Hang in there- you’re not alone.



          Heyy, I know exactly where you’re at. When I was about as far along as you my baby’s dad had lost his job, was living off me, and my family was in a huff over it all. I lost my job at 8 months pg, shortly after buying a house. Everything was going wrong. Today I have a wonderful 6month old and even though everything’s not "perfect" I know it never will be and thats okay. Everyday I work towards a better life for her sake. I know if I didn’t have her I’d just give up and quit trying to make improvements in my situation. It will all be worth it, I swear. Keep your chin up and try to enjoy it. Of all my worries I only regret not taking the time to enjoy the life inside of me.


            Hey, i know exactly how your feeling im due in a week and about to turn 16 except i was raped so i dont have my sons real dad but i do have a bf ive been with for about 8 months. i found out when i was 23weeks bc i didnt show any signs (i naturally had a weird period) and had only gained about 10lbs. well anyways my bf’s family loved me until they found out i was pregnant and now they dont let me at their house anymore and are desperately trying to get my bf to dump me but he realy loves me and knows that i would never pressure him into being a dad so he’s realy happy that im happy about it and he’s willing to be there for me. so dont listen to peoples rude comments theyll come around and if they dont you dont need them they never loved you, my own family outside of my dad wont even acknowledge me anymore but i love my son and i know im going to be extremely happy when he comes into my life so be proud to be a mom and in love this is the most amazing thing youll ever do in ur life


              You are right this should be a happy occasion, unfortunately that is not always the way it turns out. I have not been in your situation, but I can tell you to follow your heart on this one. You are the only one that will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life. It sounds like you have some people in your life that will give you the support you need through all of this. Hopefully your family will change their minds eventually. There are people that will help you. You should check and see if there is a Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area. They can help you with your decision and help you with some of things you will need.

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