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      I am 17 I found out December 6 that I was pregnant (I still am) After I found out the babys’ father left… and I have been doing this alone with no support. I live on my own and I am scared. I found out a couple weeks ago that he had planned to get me pregnant. He is currently dating a girl that is supposed to be my friend. so now I am 5 moths and a week and I have no idea what to do about the father… I have been in the hospital twice since I have been pregnant with my lil boy and his father shows up when that happens to make sure that we are all right. Its like he cares but he doesnt.. and its really stressful. I am really wondering if I should let him see him or if I should get full custody over him???????? If anyone has any advice that would help please let me know…



        I would focus on staying healthy and preparing to be a mommy. I know how hard it is to go through pregnancy alone (I did twice) keep looking up and stay strong. To avoid the added stress dont volunteer the information of going to the hospital with him. When it comes time for you to have the baby you should allow him to see the baby in the nursery with supervised visits as often as you are willing. The state will automatically give you full custody and unless he can prove to have a safe stable clean environment to bring the baby to dont let him take the baby alone. Try to keep to yourself if you cant trust your friends right now….try going to a local church (christian or non-denominational bible teaching church) and get involved in the youth group (if they dont let you go because your preg its not a good church) I will be praying that the Lord will bring you a good friend that you can trust and that will help you out…..Let us know how it goes…Love and Prayers…Meg


          well if you are positive you dont want him in the baby’s life and yours, you could put unknown on the birth certificate. and if he really cares enough he will have to pay for a paternity test, then pay for lawyers to fight for custody. i know all this because my friend did it. it shows the father’s true colors. after it proves he is the father courts almost always side with the mother, and make the father pay child support


            hey hun my situation was similiar to yours i was with this guy and i got pregnant and when i told him he bailed out and hasnt been there since… i was 3 months when i found out and now my baby boy is 5 days old… so i was alone through out the whole thing basically… and i back up what the other girl says try not to stress… stress can hurt your baby and i know you dont want that and hun if you dont want him there then dont go anywhere with him i dont care if he acts sweet and all its your choice where or not he will be in the babys life… with me i just left the father section on the birth certificate blank so yeah well if you ever need to talk im here hun…..


              stickky situations… thats sounds hard. my cousin was and is in a similiar situation her bf was out and about all the time, planned on getting her pregnant he did, and because of his immature ways he isnt really involved in the babys life. but when he is there he makes it worth it from what i see. its just sad because he couldnt and cant grow up for his child… hold your head up and just be there for your baby..


                okay thank you for your support….. he just thinks that he is to young to be a father and I am 17 and hes almost 19. it just makes me really said.


                  Hi there! If I could give you any advice at all… although, it might not be what* you want to hear… it would be to not let the child’s father back into your life, because he’ll only make things worse, I think*. Also, I would* get full custody over the child…. This is because, I am in the court system, and hate it.

                  Talk soon.

                  Take care,


                    He sounds like a regular scum bag. Why do guys WANT to get you pregnant and purposly ignore you both afterward?! At first I agreed with the other girl that you should NOT tell him when you got to the hospital, but then I thought, bum or not, he IS the father and he does seem to care at those times. You DO need to establish paternity (there are places that will do it for free if you choose to iniciate). After you proove he’s the father he needs to pay child support, YOU need to pursue that, only after you ask will the government help you. If its possible you need to sit down with him sans your


                    and ask him what he plans to do about that baby. It’s very real and this is a very real adult situation. He made an adult decision, and needs to face it as such. What it sounds like is HE wants tha baby but doesn’t want to grow up!!! I agree that you should let him have supervised visits with the baby, heaven forbid he want to steal it (worst case). I feel that if you wouldn’t let him see the baby he’d have no drive at all to help the two of you. This is such a sticky situation as someone quoted earlier. I also stress for you not to stress,lol. But serioiusly that will hurt that little baby, it can cause low birth weight among other things. If you need help there are people and organizations that can and will help you, you just have to look. Keep us updated and good luck. xXHuGsXx



                      hey don’t worry you can make it on your own im 15 i got pregnant 2 days before my 15 birthday im a single mother im having a baby boy im due APRIL 10,2007 it’s been really hard for me but i did it;) i really thank my mom whos always been there for me n i thank god too

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