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      First of all i just wanted to say that i think this site is great.

      On monday of thuis week i found out that i am 6 weeks pregnant. my partner is 21 and earns a good wage.

      i am strongly considering abortion, however i know in my heart that i can raise a child, i feel verry selfish for considering it however i really dont know what to think now.

      i am not ready for a child, i have already started getting morning sickness……. i dont know what to do………. one minuate i think that i can do it and the next minuate i think i cant…..

      i spose its more complicated as i suffer from severe clinical depression and am on medication which i have to ween myself off of, which can harm the baby

      i cry all the time, i dont know what to do, i just wanna have some advise from people in the same situation

      please help


        hon plz reconsider. I too thought of abortion and I had a miscarriage and I am so heartbroken and I cry for my little baby. Choose life please this baby will mean a lot ot you and youll never regret it.


          Well hon,
          First thing is talk to a doctor. I also suffer from depression myself. I am a mother of 3 girls and I am only 23. At times things can get very hard trust me. There is nothing worse then trying to get your first cup of coffee in the morning then 3 kids screaming different types of food at you….LOL… Listen to your heart and then sit and think what will be best for the baby. Just remember God gives you only what he knows you can handle, never anything that will kill you only make you a stronger women… If you need anyone to talk to I am here. I stop by these forums every night before bed….



            Abortion is never the answer especially since it can make ur depression worse. if u don’t think u can take care of this baby there’s always adoption. i kno u don’t wanna be responisible for takin an innocent life, especially ur own child’s, so be responsible for giving ur baby a good life with a loving family who will be eternally greatful to u for giving them the most precious gift in the world. i kno u’ll make tha right choice b/c i can see that ur already concerned for ur baby b/c ur weening urself off ur meds for tha sake of ur child’s wellbeing. ur already showing the signs of being a good mother.
            ~Love Always~
            Nicole 🙂

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              Hey listen….I know exactly what your going through….believe me. I’m also 17 and am almost 5 months pregnant. The first few weeks when I found out all I wanted to do was get an abortion, get it over with, and get it outta my head so I didn’t have to deal with the other stuff…but you know what…gettin an abortion is probably the stupidest thing you could do, you will regret it for the rest of your life & you will wish to God that you had never done it….that is why I chose to have this baby and raise it myself. Giving it up for adoption is definately an opition, but you will have to decide that on your own. I promise you that you will not regret having this baby, the baby will be such a blessing!



                I advise you not to get an abortion. I think you can be a mom and hopfully a good mom at that.I know it is hard. If you come to the conclution not to have this child then pleaze do the baby a favor as its mother and at least give it up for adoption. If you do give the baby up email me 🙂 pleaz. Reliy on God and he will help you.


                  i considered abortion for my first pregnancy, then miscarried. It really put things into perspective for me.

                  regardless of your age, this is a tiny miracle! there is no greater accomplishment or joy in life than raising a person to be a good person.

                  it’s normal to be scared. let yourself be excited. but more than anything, go with how you feel, don’t fight it. it’s all a natural process.


                    trust me i know how you feel, im only 14 but i never thought about abortion, but then again i knew the father was gon be there and he is, but its still the scariest thing to find out even if you planned it. dont get an abortion it takes work to keep a baby but in the end you’ll be glad you did.


                      hey everyone i also love this site lots of help…one quick question im 17 and on the pill, but recently i’m getting all these weird pregnancy sysmtoms plus this weird colored spot bleeding………i’m only into my 2nd week of pills in this pack..i’ve been on the pill 2 years and never once had spot bleed…what do you guys think??? thanx kayleigh


                        [b] 🙁 i just want to share my thoughts.

                        im 23. last summer, i found out i was pregnant. 3 weeks before this, my boyfriend and i broke up..i found out he was cheating, and had another giel pregnant. so, yes, immediatley i thought of abortion. i told him, he didnt care. all the time i thought he loved me…he didnt. so i had the procedure. i was put to sleep, and had immense amounts of pain after. it was embarrising, and horrible.
                        to this day, one year later, i am very depressed. i think every day of the child..that i was supposed to protect…i killed. i have the what ifs…what if i didnt do it, what if i kept my baby, what if the father and i were together. every time i see someone with a child they dont deserve..i think of the baby i killed. what could have been a beautiful child. so please, if you have a heart, consider adoption not abortion. you will regret it. i do every day.,


                          hey, i also understand what you are going through, i suffered from abuse, in my foster homes and it caused me to become very depressed and dependant on drugs. i just turned 18 a couple days ago, and a little over two months ago, when i was still 17, i gave birth to twin boys. so i can totally relate. i also considered aborting my child, cause it seemed like the easy way out, even though i had never believed in it. but after really reviewing what abortion was, i knew i couldnt. plus aborting my child, wouldnt have erased the fact that i would have been a mother. so consider your other options, such as adoption, if you feel your not ready, or keeping your baby. whatever decision you make just know that God will be with you through it all, and he has a special plan for your life.



                            please dont have an abortion, how would you like it if your mom had gotten rid of you, babies are soo cute and fun once u have that baby in your arms u will be soo happy u have it .alot of people have gone through it u can do it too


                              :silly: Hey gurl – Bringing life into the world is something special and taking it away wont make everything better. My mom had an abortion at 17 and she regrets everything. I may not have a child of my own yet but, I’ve been down that road before. I got pregnant about 10 months ago for the first time. I didn’t know what to do but the father-to-be then told me he was behind me all of the way and no matter what I chose I would be the one living with it. You can’t put things behind you, even if you think you can. I decided to keep the baby. 3 months later I lost our baby because of complications. We still think about how our life would be with our baby. Once you get past the first month or two all you can think about is, wow! I’m going to be a mom. Being a mother is a wonderful feeling even if you are just pregnant, think about how abortion will affect you later in life.


                                Pleeeeeeeeease, I beg you not to abort your unborn child! I, myself, have not had an abortion, but just from reading posts on this site, and because of my own beliefs, I would NEVER have one. I too suffer from depression and I can’t imagine what having an abortion would do to your life. Please, if nothing else consider adoption. You can always try raising the child and if it doesn’t work out you can relase it for adoption. . Good luck with everything and God Bless.

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                                  Hey sweetie,
                                  If you get an abortion, you will regret it for the rest of your life. No matter how hard it may be to raise the baby, or even to have the baby, you’ll always wonder "What if?" If you really don’t want to raise your baby, at least have it and put it up for adoption. Also, if you are clinically depressed and taking medications, a lot of times you aren’t able to keep taking your medication. Talk with your doctor about treatment without medicine, or if you really need medicine, at least try and find one that has low chance of health problems with the baby. I know its scary, Im scared to death, cuz Im 16, and my mom is due in febuary, and I am due in march, but hold on and it will get better. GL!

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