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      I am 17 and I just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant. I was just going to ask some questions and please answer them if you know the answers. When should I get morning sickness? I already have breast tenderness and my stomach is already starting to swell, how early did u get bloated and started to get a lil big?? I have no idea what to expect…im just so scared because its my first child. I am keeping the baby because i love it already and my boyfriend is going to stay in the child’s life. He is going to stay with me. Please help!!!!! 🙂


        Well with my first one i didn’t find out till I was about 2 almost 3 months along. I had been sleepy, feeling sick, and gained some weight but didnt put them all together. I was in denile for a long time about the idea of being pregnant. If I had to pick a time when the signs were there it was about month 1 or a week or so after my first month…. Hope this helps


          when i first found out that i was pregnant, i was already a month, what surprised me was i just thought it was pms because those were the same signs that signal my period was coming. unfortunatley i was only able to make it to 9 weeks before i found out that the baby was dead so the only symptoms i had was tiredness, weight gain, sore breast, and a liitle nausea. hope this helps you


            Iam 16 and I have 12 days to my due date……I didn’t find out that I was pregenant till I was 2 months pregenant. I didn’t get morning sickness at all thank the Lord. My belly didn’t poke out till I was like 4 months or so……but the breast tenderness I got at like 2 1/2 months. I can tell you that if you put a warm towel on them for a bit it will soothe them. It always worked for me, also getting the absolute most comfortable bras really helps. I tried out a bra and loved so I went back to get one in every color…..lol. I have been told by a gazillion people to not drink orange juice when you have moning sickness…..umm….lets see….when I get cramps in my body that feel like they will NEVER go away I take a warm bath…it really works because it soothes your whole body…………and…. I’m tryin to think of what all I have/ had throughout this pregnancy and how what i did to make it go away…oh yeah about the cramps, you should eat lots of bananas. Potassium REALLY helps with those. To help out the daddy a bit you should stay in a cool place….whenever I get HOT I get soo grouchy….hehe….that’s i think what he hates the most about me bein pregnant. Mine practically turns into a popsicle when we are in the car….hehe. Lets see…….ooh….Body Pillow!! Oh man those helped me sooo much to sleep. Because you can rest your belly,. your head and your legs on it. To me they are truly life savers….hehe. umm… fluffy house shoes definitely because when they begin to swell or just start to hurt you need them REAL bad….umm… I can’t really think of anything else but if i do I’ll be back.. hope your pregnancy goes well… 🙂

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              [b][i]whats up?
              im 17 and currently still pregnant, 6 months next week. Well some people don’t even experience morning sickness, so if you don’t thank jesus! 😉 But for me, my 2&3 months were the worse for morning sickness. Most girls generally start to show around their 3rd month although I’m just beginning to show and my tummy itches!!! :woohoo: It took me so long to show becuz i’ve always been tall and model like…so long to that!


                I found out I was pregnant when I was about a month along. I never really had morning sickness. I did get ill if I ate too much, but that was all through the pregnancy. My stomach didn’t really start showing until 4 or 5 months. I stayed in normal clothes until I was about 5 months pregnant (even though normal clothes did fit me tightly). I’m sure you are scared, but my little is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I found out I was pregnant at 18 years old, and I was terrified to tell my parents. I also thought my life would be completely over. But, my parents have been my biggest support. And, I couldn’t be any happier with my little boy. I love being a mommy even though I’m young. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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