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      Hey Everyone !! well i need some help i am 17 years old and still in highschool i moved to new jersey to get a better life because i wasn’t doing so good in ny. I have improved in school and everything and thank god i am passing well my mom was doubting me alot as well as my family members and then i started changing and they stopped doubting me. well i been with my boyfriend for 9 months now and i lost my virginity to him and all but on january the condom snapped and on february i had a missed period so i took an ept test and it came out positive..well now i am a month pregnant and still not showing but there has been alot of weight changing up and down and i have been getting the whole pregnancy symptons but i am so afraid of telling my mom and my family because some of them are strict and some dont even like my boyfriend ..i am going to keep my child no matter what and my boyfriend is very supportive but i dont know how to tell my mom or what she would even say ( she is kind of strict ) .. I NEED SOME SERIOUS ADVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP


        Please just humble yourself to your mom and admitt your fault to her. You need to go to a doctor and get prenatal care. Start taking a regular prenatal vitamin (over the counter at walmart or any other store) you are 4 weeks and so much could happen at this point. Not to say its what is going on with you but… [you need to be sure]. If your doctor doesn’t know what is going on with your body you could end up in a very bad situation. Please get in there and do what is right. I am glad that you are facing your responsibility by choosing the baby (I have twice) but if you love this baby you will also get to a doctor!!!! As for your relationship with your boyfriend if he is going to "stick by you" he should marry you and you shouldn’t have sex with him until he does. That will prove his intentions for you and your baby very quickly. If neither one of you are ready for marriage then please rethink having premarital sex. I know that as a mom — yours will at first be very shocked and disappointed so be prepared but in the end your mom loves you and she will respect you for accepting your responsibility. Let her love you and let her counsel you. Do what she asks of you (unless she tells you to kill your baby) and take it one day at a time. let us know how it turns out… the clock is ticking…Get to the doctor…Meg


          i agree, you need to see a doctor, if u dont want to go to you regular doc. you can go to planned parent hood or a clinic…i personally suggest writing a letter to your mom if you dont feel comfortable jsut coming out to her about this..(its what i planned on doing)..it might open the floor for the rest of the convo..


            hya im 15 and waitin to find out if im pregnant and if i am the hardest part is going to be telling my parents x my advice to u is tell them now ur parents love u and eventhough they will be disapointed and might not talk to u for a while they will get over it because u are their daughter and they love u x they are going to find out anyway so tell them as soon as possible x please email me and tell me how it went x love sophie x


              I am almost in the same situation. But to step in you CANNOT get prenatal care at planned parenthood, all they can do is gyno stuff and test you for pregnancy. Trust me I’ve asked. You can however get on medicaid if your insurance wont cover it, and go to a OBGYN. There are alot of offices that accept it.

              You are probly afraid of the same thing I am, the stares and the listening we’re going to have to endure about how much of a mistake we are about to make and how much money its going to cost. I don’t know how it happens but there always seems to be a way to make it.





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