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      I would like to keep my name confidential for now. But i just wanted to let everyone know that im 16 yrs old and that i think im pregnant.I have a strong feeling that i am because ive been producing breast milk,i had a very very un normal period, ive been feeling like throwing up but i havent and i just want to sleep all the time and my breasts hurt sometimes. so i told the guy that i was pregnant and he wantz me to have an abortion but ive already had an abortion this year and i regret it and i never want to do it again. if i am pregnant i dont want to have an abortion but i dont want to lose him either. i was just wondering if anybody has any advice for me. Im currently in a continuation school right now and im looking for a job. I know that this will be hard for me if i decide to keep it but i also know i have friends and family for support mentally, physically, and financially. I know they will probably be disappointed at me for a while but i really dont care its a decision that i have to make. The guy is a good guy and everything i just hope that he decides to help out with our baby if i am pregnant.


        hey girl. thanks for your comment on my little problem, it seems as though we are in a similar situation. who can understand the pain of an abortion better than someone who has done it. well i dont know if you are religious, but i think if you are pregnant, its a HUGE gift from God. i see it as a way of being forgiven for what we did. my email is dancin_queen_56@hotmail.com if you ever want to talk or anything. good luck with everything.



          hey if u are pregnant and u do not want to do another abortion DO NOT let ANY ONE pressure you into it….that’s stupid to do, u could end up regreting it for the rest of your life….so just do what u want and be happy……with him or not…..


            Hi, Just know that there is forgivness from God, if someone has had an abortion they can to ask God for forgivness and know that their baby is in heaven, there is always hope. But once we know what the right choice is we need to do what is right. Just know that whatever someone desides will be with them for the rest of their life.

            There are a lot of people out there who want to help people, I’ve found optionline to be very helpfull. I’ve found this link helpfull http://www.optionline.org/contact.html (there phone number is free to call.) I know that they even have AOL messenger.

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