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      Hi, I’d like to ask if I might be preggy or not because some of the symptoms showed. My areolas became a bit darker but my nipples aren’t always hard. I get hungry faster but I still ate the same amount as before. I’ve been waiting for my period, and I’ve been feeling wet for a couple of days, but when I check it there’s nothing. No blood, no mucus, nothing. It’s like I just released water. It doesn’t smell bad, but it does have a slight odor, but not like that of urine. Tonight there were a few drops of blood, so I used a napkin just in case it might be period or if it’s bleeding there might be too much. I also felt a slight pain somewhere slightly above my belly button and below it, like when I’m having my period. When I checked the napkin hours later, there were again only few drops of blood compared to when I had my period because my period flows heavily. I also found this small dark brown/black round “thing” that might be a clump of blood, I really don’t know what it is. Right now I’m feeling wet again but when I check, the blood was the same as before like hours ago, so I think that I’m releasing that watery discharge again. The pain I felt before has gone now. I haven’t took a home pregnancy test yet because I’m still waiting for my period. The truth is I don’t know when my last period ended. I feel like I’m facing a brick wall right now because I don’t know what to do. I can’t consult a doctor yet because I don’t have money. Please help me and thank you in advance!!


        Hey there, I know how confusing it can all be! My best advice would be this….1, No more sex at least until you know for sure if you are pregnant or not, that way you wont continue to risk pregnancy while you wait to find out…2, Contact optionline.org , Enter your postal code to find the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, including a pregnancy test….3, Come back and let us all know what you find out!!! Have you ever charted your periods? It can really help with these types of things….The next time you have a period write it on your calandar, I used to use a red marker and just circle the date….Then you can write a 1 underneath it, write the numbers in order each day of your period and then write a red S on the last day of your period, continue numbering your days until your period starts again and then repeat, circle that date in red and write a 1….If you start practicing this, it can really help you know your cycle better so that if you have a “scare” you can look at your dates and have a better idea of your risk factor!….I hope this helps and I hope you let us know what you find out!…Love Meg


          Thank you Meg! Yes I really don’t want to have sex again. Umm yesterday I thought I was just spotting but when I woke up this morning there was a lot of blood already O__O and I used an extra heavy flow napkin and in just 5 hrs it was almost full! I think it might be my period :O what do you think? Sorry I know I replied to you directly I thought it would show up like your reply to my post, I’m a newbie XD


            No worries! You would not believe how long it took me to figure all of this posting and navigating out..When I first found Standupgirl I was computer illiterate and had no idea of what Google even was! haha…Anyways, I am GLAD you found the site and that you are figuring out how to use it! I am not a doctor so I would have no idea what a regular blood flow would be for you, we are all so different in our cycles! If you feel you have reason to be concerned or if you fill a pad to saturated in an hour or are passing large clots, I would call your doctor, if it appears to be a regular period then I would think you are in the clear….But once again, always listen to your guy and if you think you need to be seen, call ASAP! I know what you mean about the not wanting to have sex again! I actually went drastic on my decision after my second pregnancy from a second father….I chose to not have sex again until I was married….I figured I would be single forever with two kids on my own….I waited 2 1/2 years before having sex with my husband for the first time on our wedding night! Our sixth anniversary is on the 11th! Just a day away…It was worth it, I never had another pregnancy scare that I was not emotionally or financially ready for as well as the scare was removed in itself as I KNEW my husband would be accepting of a child….He waited until our wedding night to have me, how would he leave me over a baby that we created together in love! <3 I hope that you will make that same choice and that you will not settle for less than you deserve! A real man will show his love and commitment before he asks anything of you physically, He will respect your NO... <3 I hope you figure all of this out soon! Love Meg


              Thanks a lot Meg for everything! XD but seriously thank you I feel more comfortable sharing my problems with someone who has gone through the same thing. 😀 Well I think it might be my period, does this mean that I’m not pregnant? I haven’t been having the symptoms really, only that I thought that my areo got darker, but my bf tell me that it didn’t. He said I was just paranoid. I have not had morning sickness, constipation, fatigue and the other symptoms. Maybe I was just really paranoid. And I think I am not like those who experience the symptoms later because I’m not healthy. I’m thin. I just thought that the increase in activity of the hormones should have already affected me since I’m not healthy.

              Anyway, your story is inspiring! 😀 Advance happy 6th anniversary! I wish all the best for you and your husband! <3 And thanks for the advice! I thought that my bf would leave me because of this incident, but he said that he wouldn’t. He even planned to work at summer so that he would shoulder all the financial needs and that I may resume to my normal life studying in college. I was really depressed not because that he might leave me but because I might ruin his future. He said that he wanted to do that so that I would achieve my goals in life… and I got even more depressed. I blamed myself for everything. But I realized that there’s nothing I can do about it, that if it’s bound to happen, it will happen. I just prayed to God that He would help me overcome the struggles and that His will be done. So now that I’m having my period, am I pregnant or not? I read in the internet that some women still have their period even when they’re pregnant, but I’m not having any symptoms of pregnancy. I’m so clueless! XD But I'm positive that I'm not pregnant.

              Thank you in advance! 🙂


                It does help to know that someone else has been in your shoes doesn’t it <3.... Anyways, I think it is always best to rule out pregnancy 100% by taking a test... First thing in the morning with your first urine of the day is the most accurate time to test....Also, scroll back up to find the Optionline info and you can find a center near you where you can get a FREE test! If it turns out that you are not pregnant though, do NOT take this "scare" for granted! Its not luck, its grace...Learn from it and wait a while longer, preferably till marriage, until you place yourself in a position to be physical...It is the past of least regrets <3 Love Ya! Meg


                  I’ve tried the Optionline thingy, the problem is the help center is far from my home 🙁 I’ll just try to find out how to commute there. Anyway thanks again for all the help! 🙂

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