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    sophia roses mummy

      hi im bella (gabby)
      im 16 and im pregnant and my mum and dad want me to have anouther abortion and i feel so lost and me and my bf ollie are stuck i dont want to loose my mum or dad but i want this baby, what do i do?

      bella xxxxx


        I know how you feel. I had my 1st abortion 9 months ago and i am still going thru a lot of pain and hurt..I had a huge choice to make.. and my mom was the closest thing i had growing up… And i made the choice to go thru with it, but my mom nor my family around me saw my happiness!!! It was my hardest choice of my life.

        And now i am with my fiancee for just about 6 months and he’s done what he’s could to help me.. and he understands somewhat of what i am going thru! just remember one thing listen to your heart and thnk it thru!



          hey girl…. i think u shud do wat u wana do, u wana keep ur baby so do just that, n things with ur folks will get better…. they might be upset with u now and even ur whole pregnancy, but wen that lil bundle of joy cums into their lives, they will love him or her more then anything….
          i think its time to do wat u wana do n wats ryt, u did wat they wanted you to do the last tym round n we saw the outcome of that n im sure they wouldnt wana c u go threw that again and in the end they jus want wats best for u, so i think u should tell them how u feel….. its ur time to shine, time to be happy n time to be a mom if that is what u want, then dont let anyone take it away from you…



            In your heart you know what you have to do.
            Love, E


              Gabby Listen to your heart. it never lies. this baby loves you, love it back.

              sophia roses mummy

                i love my baby to bits!
                and theres no way im doing that again and going thru all the things that happend with sasha-lou
                tbh i dont know what i was thinking when i did have the slight thought maybe they are right again OMG i must of been crazzy! but it was in my mind for tops 5 seconds
                i want this baby more than anything



                  do what you think is the best way to do hun..but if i were you now might be risky and so hard for you to decide but when u see urself in the mirror with that big belly you will smile n you can say thank God for giving me this Gift of life…And i bet your parents willbe happy when they see the baby too..


                    I think that it is your life and you will be the one raising the baby for the next 18 years not them…. its your baby there is a life inside you…. your too far along now that baby is growing abd believe it or not that baby knows that your its mom it hears your heart beat every second of every day and thats what makes it so special……… i could never imagine getting an abortion especially that far along i am 19 weeks and feel the baby move.. kick and respond to my voice… there is no way i could do that i would have to stand up to my parents and make them realize that its your body and your life……..

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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