16 DAYS LATE..am i pregnant??!!!

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      i was due my period on the 4th of july, and are still to recieve them. i did not bleed but there was discoloration (like when you have just finished your period) and i only got this once. since then i have had nothing! it is now 16 days since i was due.

      i took a pregnancy test and was not sure as to what the out come ment. if you are pregnant it comes up a thick black line, and if noe a thick cross.
      when i did itit was a thick black line with another fiant one,which then made a cross. but it was barely noticeable.

      i then heard that if you do a test you should do it with the 1st wee of the morning,where i didn do this..

      would that make a difference???

      please reply to this as soon as possible!!! thanks huni’s ! xxx:kiss:


        It makes a huge difference. You should take one right when you wake up and if it does that again go to your doctor and get a blood test done that will tell you for sure.


          it sounds like your preg cause any lil line either means post other means you didnt do it riete i would def make a doc apt n tell them what happ. or do it again but it sounds like post to me keep us posted n good luck


            hey my name’s nikki, i thought i was pregnant cause i went almost 20 days without my period, so i went to the women’s clinic and their test came out negetive also, like 3 of mine did.i hope you get the result you want in the end, so what are your symptoms, i could help you with that at least.best of luck. 🙂


              well im constantly goin to the loo!!! but i dont have any morning sickness!! i have a tightening feeling in my tummy tho?? my frind,who was pregnant but lost her baby, told me that my tummy also feels abit hard!! which is another symptom?? thank you for your help! uits now been 3 weeks (21 days) and still no period!!! xxx


                I think you are pregnant. A pregnancy test doesn’t always look like the picture. Both of my pregnancies have only showed up as VERY faint lines.


                  Hey if I were u I would wait a few days and make sure to use the first pee of the morning. I did the same thing and a very light positive result showed up at first, I could hardly see it. Then I waited about a week and got a really dark positive and haven’t stopped getting them since.. Good luck

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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