16 and worried!

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      is it normal to have cramps like youre going to get your period when youre pregnant??

      LeX An LinA

        hey gurl…am 17…i was in ur situation like a week ago thinking i wuz pregnant cuz i had missed my period ( 1 week late ) but umm i turned out not be…i had cramps 2…little cramps…and they say that u get abdominal pain wen ur pregnant so i think ur not i think ur just late like i wuz…but hopefully everything turns out well…good luck…hey whatever your results are let me no okay? lataz…


          well i am pregnant and on wednesday i’ll be 2 months but im worried that i might have a miscarrige or something because i’ve been having crams like once every two days or so!


            I had cramps for the first few months that i was pregnant. As long as they’re mild then i believe its normal, but be careful cuz if they last a long time or they’re really painful you should really talk to your doctor.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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