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      hey, i am 16 and in a steady two year relationship..and i think i might be pregnant. i had unprotected sex around 8times…i had been on the pill, i no this is a silly excuse, but i forgot i wasnt taking it.:blush: after i realised this i worked out my dates and i obvulated in this time.but now my period is about 4days late..i have taken a test that said negitive but i dont think it was accurate…i have just been sick (if i am preg i will be around 3weeks), i had cramping about a week ago,i am urinating all the time,i feel tired and i am irritated more easily…and i just feel as if i am pregnant.i no this isnt reliable but i have a very strong feeling that i am. i wont be unhappy if i am, nither will my boyfriend.we never thought about being parents at this age. he is 18. help xx


        hiya hun.
        before you panic, get another test, wait a few days and test again,

        although on the other hand if you are
        im glad to hear if you are pregnant you will keep the baby

        and there is a very good chance you are pregnant you
        have had unprotected sex a few times

        keep me posted



          I went thru the same thing. Just wait a while longer get another test and go from there. or if you dont want to wait u should go to ur doctor and tell hem what is going on.

          Im glad you will keep the baby.
          Dont stress to much about it. But there is a very big chance because of the unprotected sex and you missing your pills.

          Good luck hun.
          Keep me updated!



            Hey 🙂
            I’m 15 (16 next month) and 28weeks(7months) along with a baby boy. Dont let your age keep you from parenting this baby to the full extent. Also dont be scared I know I was “terrified” when I found out but now the only part I’m scared about is the labor. I was not with the baby’s father at the time. We all make stupid choices… I was scared to tell him till I was 4 months along. Hes 21 and when he found out he tried communicating me and we got together, talked, and he was really happy and still is. Now we live together and he helps me so much. I also wanted to get pregnant but haven’t really “tried to”. At 9-16 weeks I had doubts and second thoughts but I knew what I gotta do. Well all I’m trying to tell you is that you can do it even if you’re not ready. Pregnancy is the time to get ready. Good luck 😉

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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