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      So I’m 16 years old and a Junior in High school. And I was with a guy for 5 years until I found out he cheated on me. We broke up 6 months ago and now I’m with a guy that I have known since I was 6 years old and everything is going good, it’s only been one month. But after me and my ex broke up we were still having sex. And now my period is 2 months late and I’m scared I might be pregnant. What should I do?


        You had better go see a doctor, it would be the best thing. Have you been experiencing symptoms (morning sickness, abdominal cramps, etc.)? If not, you period my have stopped do to depression or lack of nutrition. Regardless, you should see a doctor to confirm this.
        I hope this helps. Good luck πŸ™‚


          I feel they way I felt when I was pregnant with my twins. And I just have the same feelings. And I cant go to the doctor without an adult and I’m not ready to tell my parents.


            try buying an hpt for now and then take it from there…. if the results are positive, then you need to see a gp to confirm the results for you, also you will need to start taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthily and stopping any bad habits that you may or may not have… its important that you find out for sure so that you can take the proper steps to ensure that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy, as well as a healthy baby.

            If you are not able to ask your parents to take you to see a gp, then perhaps you need to ask another adult that you trust or a guidence counsellor at school or something… you’ll also need to get yourself ready to tell them sooner or later… I’d suggest sooner, because the last thing you want is them hearing from someone else. Parents can be surprisingly understanding, even though initailly they may be a bit angry and disappointed.
            I wish you all the best.
            Love Eva


              so did you keep the twins?


                try an over the counter pregnancy test. The cheapest one is about 10 dollars.


                  I know how you feel! I am 18 and I am pregnat! Im so scared! Please if you can help me. Please do!!! πŸ™


                    yeah trust me everything turns better i never thought i would be faced with this im not one of those teens that try to get pregnant although iwasnt smart and did it anyway but im keeping the baby and ive told the father and my parents but now im staying with my auntie because mom cant even look at me.But everything is getting better i have actuall been really only happy but a week ago i couldnt fake smile i got diagnosed with depression when i was 12 1 month before my friend started to try kill herself and just so much was going on i ended up in the hospital i overdosed i was a complete mess im not crazy anymore i realised how close i came to death and now im just trying to make the most of life.
                    just make the most of your life anjoy and love everyone you love.
                    what doesnt kill you makes you stonger πŸ™‚


                      I had a misscarrage when I was 32 weeks pregnant. πŸ™


                        I took a hpt and it said positive. Now I have to figure out how to tell my ex boyfriend, my boyfriend, and my parents. Any advice?


                          if you get a home pregnancy test from the doctors.. it’s cheeper too.


                            just be honest whatever you say isnt going to change the way they react much.just try not to plan it out to much let ur feelings come out it sound cheesy but it works i was in your position a few weeks back asking how to tell everyone trust me i was so worried i didnt know how anyone was going to react but most the advise i got was just say what you think of on the spot and just say it.
                            i hope everything goes well for you x.


                              well i find its always best if they hear it face to face from you.
                              not from someone else and most certainly not from a text message.
                              with the ex, i dont know him personaly but you should probably tell the curent boyfriend before the ex, then tell the ex so the ex doesnt like tell the curent before you can.
                              and your parents?
                              well it depends what kind of people they are
                              if they like a good luagh you could always go the juno route
                              if theyre realy serious you could tell them individualy and blame the other (not recomended) or sit them down and have a heart to heart and tell them that you realy need their support.
                              how did they take it last time?


                                well I told my ex, boyfriend, and my parents. My ex is happy and wants to get back to gether, my boyfriend broke up with me, and my parents said that Im a bad influence on my little siblings and I had to move out again. I moved in with my pregnant older sister and her husband. It’s hard to deal with this. I’m just happy I have yall. πŸ™‚


                                  *huggles* im so sorry. you can talk to me anytime you want. im on here everyday after school and some days during school. i hope everything works out. are you planning on keeping it?


                                    I am. But i have a doctors appointment 2marro because ive been bleeding and havingsome abdominal pains.. The doctor thinks im having a miscarrage. πŸ™


                                      Hopefully its not a miscarriage. How far along are you BTW?…My aunt had severe bleeding at 5 weeks and everybody thought that she was having a miscarriage until she went to the ER and after staying a week in a hospital she stopped bleeding and her baby turned out fine. Now she is having a c-section in a week. Not because she had to but because she want to. Well Good Luck


                                        did you keep your twins?… and i say talk to your parents your boyfriend and your ex try to find a middle ground πŸ™‚

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