16 and pregnant?

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      I’m 16 and just found out that i am pregnant, i think i want to keep the baby although my boyfriend says i should get an abortion as we are too young and wouldnt have the money for a baby. I understand what he means, but i dont think i could go through with an abortion. What should i do? :dry:


        Hey Amy, my name is Meg and I just saw your post and wanted to encourage you to do what you already know is right, keep this baby, he/she is a part of you and it sounds like you understand exactly what abortion is and what it will do to you, do not let him push you into it, I say go with your instinct and do not have an abortion…we are all here for you and I can help you find tons of resources out there to make this time easier for you but the struggles you may go through in this time are far fewer than the life long struggles and regret you will live with from having an abortion…I am here for you!! Love Meg


          hiya hunny!
          please do not have a abortion
          you are carrying a life.
          yes you are young and it will be hard but you
          will get through it
          your boyfriend cannot force you into anything you dont
          want to do! plus
          everyone on this site will give you lots of support.
          im here if you need to talk about anything!B)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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