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      Okay, it’s been exactly a month today since I had sex and almost a month since I missed my period. Normally I wouldn’t be worried but I had unprotected sex and now I’m scared. I only have to wait three more days until I’m due to get my period again, but if I don’t I really don’t have a plan. Get a pregnancy test .. But if it’s positive, then what? My friends want me to get an abortion, me and my mum are fighting over stupid things (but my mum doesn’t know about the possible pregnancy), my dad doesn’t talk to me often because he’s been brainwashed by my step-mom and the baby’s dad is involved in heavy drugs, not to mention he was a one night stand so he doesn’t have any emotional ties to me at all. So I have limited options: have a quiet abortion and tell no one, tell my mum and keep the baby or adopt the baby to a couple that want a baby badly but can’t have one. I have actually discussed the possibility of me being pregnant with my mom in the past and she was pretty good about it all (probably because it was all made up) but this was her response : “I wouldn’t want you to adopt the baby out because then I would feel like I had lost a grandchild and I would spend the rest of my life wondering what he/she looks like, I couldn’t deal with abortion because that’s losing a grandchild right from the get-go. If you were pregnant I would support you in whatever option you chose and I would help you in any way possible, even if it meant raising the baby if you couldn’t do it.” She seemed pretty calm, don’t ya think? But I’m scared that she might say something different because it’s happening in reality and not in theory. I want the baby but I want him/her to have a better life than I have. I want him/her to have a daddy because I didn’t have one when I was growing up, I don’t remember him at all until I was almost ten years old. But if I keep the baby, chances are the dad won’t want to know about it. Everyone wants their kid to have a better life than they did but I’m just not confident that I can provide one at the moment.
      Please any ideas, suggestions or advice would be a great help right now.
      – Kendel


        Hi Kendel…. You are super lucky to have such a supportive mother and now that you’ve laid the ground work for telling her, I think you should wait it out, take the hpt, then sit her down and tell her for real.
        You can take things from there and make a final decision when you know for sure.

        Wishing you all the best


          Hey, if you are pregnant do what you feel is best for you. I was close to getting an abortion but at the end i decided not to because i wouldn’t be able to live knowing that i was carry a little human being, my baby. Now my baby is 2months and i don’t regret not having the abortion, I’m happy. My mom wanted me to consider adoption if i wasn’t go to abort but i told her know because i would spend the rest of my life wondering where she is and how she look. Your mom seems very supportive, so most likely you are pregnant talk to your mom and discuss your options. I never met my father so I understand you want your baby to have a father, hey maybe if you talk to him maybe things work out even if there ain’t no love. If you decided to keep him/her even if he doesn’t want to be apart of the babies life make him take responsibility you can put child support on him. The decision is all up to you. Don’t let others tell you what to do its your life and your choice to make.

          Let me know what happens
          Love Kelly

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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