16 and possibley pregnant.

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      Basically i’ve missed my period and have been sick for the past couple of mornings. I had protected sex but the condom broke. He isn’t my boyfriend and the fact that we had sex is a huge secret meaning he is the only person i have to talk to. He says he’ll give me the money for a pregnancy test but he definately wants me to get rid of it if i am pregnant. My dad is an irish catholic and would both go crazy if he found out so i really wouldn’t be able to keep it. I’m scared to take the test bcos i don’t want to have an abortion and i just don’t know what to do right now…


        Nobody can make you get an abortion and just because your sex buddy wants you to does not mean what he says even counts. You get an abortion and then what? What will happen when it finally hits you that all you did is ruin the one person that loves you unconditionally and, you still got no support from that boy what so ever. Why put yourself through something like that just because somebody who don’t give a crap about you or the baby wants you to? Anyway about your dad. Let him be a drunk since there is nothing you can do about it and I’m Polish from Poland EU I know how people in those areas drink trust me I dealt with it many times. If he’s any endangerment to you there is always DCF so there is always a way out or a way of moving forward the thing is its your and your choice only which way you will choose. That path will follow you no matter what you decide to do so think about that.


          I don’t think you should get a abortion and everthing will come together in all due time


            are you wanting to keep the baby? you could also go for the adoption way.

            with the symptoms, you do seem prego cause i had all the signs too.


              its your body its ur decison NO ONE ELSE.
              and got research what an aborition is and u will not want to do it.
              this girl did a presentation today on aboriton and OMGISHHH…

              i will never ever get an abortion … NOPE NOPE NOPE


                Also early pregnancy symptoms are same as PMS. Find out for sure ok? Good Luck to you


                  do not get an abortion., 😉 ok., don’t mid about the dad., just mind of yourself and the baby.,

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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