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      I am 16 turning 17 in three months and i think i might be pregnant. i told my boyfriend and he is very supportive and i told my parents and grandparents who have raise me and they are suopportive and i have told some friends and they are all supportive but im scared cuz he was the first guy i have ever done anything with. can someone that has gone though this help me though it.


        well what happen for you to think you are??


          what symptoms have u had?


            🙂 I do not have a child of my own, but I am surrounded by young teen mothers at my school and I am friends of a few, but from looking at their situations, I believe it is absolutely normal to be nervous when you first find out that you are pregnant…It is actually opening your eyes to a brand new world and there are no longer I’s and Me,,, everything will be about your child..Of course things will be rough at first but you will be able to adjust once you get use to how eveything goes..There are many options out there, but as u said u have very suportive people that you are surrounded by, so things should be fine for you,most teen mothers do not have that support system so sweetie you are blessed, but just pray and ask GOD to guide your footsteps and everything will be fine….


              ugh.! what made you say you are pregnant? did you take a test? and got a POSITIVE? i think spreading the news without clarification is bad enough..


                What are some of the signs that are making you think ur pregnant .I think you should take a test to confirm ur suspension


                  You are so lucky that your family is supportive!

                  About guys: I am kind of old now, haha, and I had a lot (too much) experience before I settled down. Looking back, if I had a delete button on my life, I’d delete 98% of the others I was with. You don’t have to be with a lot of people to “know” who’s right for you.


                    If you need any helf you can talk to me. I’m 17 years old and 19 weeks pregnant. Your lucky to have such supportive people in your life i’ll tell you that, lol. When i first told my dad he was so upset, and so disappointed, but my mom was in my position and she was very supportive, my boyfriend was there for me also, and still is.


                      i didnt use protection and i havent been feeling right since it happened


                        cams2know wrote:

                        ugh.! what made you say you are pregnant? did you take a test? and got a POSITIVE? i think spreading the news without clarification is bad enough..

                        I agree… why did you spread the news if you were unsure? Were you hoping to be and are now scared? Or was it something where you wanted the support just in case. I have never heard of anyone telling everyone before they had even tested. If this is the case… I encourage you to wait for a baby. A child of your own is a very difficult thing to have when you yourself are still a child. I know you may think you are not because you are going on seventeen… but you still have a lot of life to live before you dive into motherhood. You need to make sure you are ready to devote yourself to the life that motherhood gives you before you dive into it. It’s a big decision.

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