16 and 32 weeks along getting kicked out TODAY?

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      Hey I’m 16 and 32 weeks along with a baby boy and my mom told me that I need to get out today. Me and my boyfriend have been living in my moms house and he’s been paying rent. Today I was ready to go to school and she told me I need to be out with my boyfriend by today…I’m in so much stress and been getting sharp pains in my stomach all day. We have no were to go and its not like she told us a month before so we can get financially ready. Now I’m crying all day because if I have no place to go then they wont let me keep my baby and its killing me so much. He does not know yet, he’s at work and I called so I’m waiting for him to call back. I don’t know where to go I have no family in USA all of my family is in EU. What should we do =[????


        I honestly think that is wrong of your mother. But maybe she is upset about something and taking it out on you. I think you should talk to her one on one and ask her if she is upset with you or your boyfriend. Or what either one of you did not knowingly and made her mad. As far as I know in the u.s.a if you are under the age of eight-teen your mother and father are responsible for you even if you are pregnant unless you are married. Just try and talk calmly with your mother and see why she is kicking you out. I wish you the very best of luck with talking to your mother and with your pregnancy.


          there are organizations all over the U.S. that are set up to help out this kind of situation…. emergancy & long term housing. If you’ve been paying her rent already, you have the ability to pay rent somewhere eles. Sliding scale housing does exsist for low income folks. Please look into it. It sounds like if you & your bf can become self sufficient, (even if you need help at fisrt) you will have a more stable home to bring your child into.
          I suggest doing an internet search for local agencies who can help in this kind of situation.


            Have you actually tried to find a place in the area which you live in? Where I live there are places that let you live for little to nothing depending on you situation. Just look it up with google and check, or ask around. Good luck.


              Now its better I talked it out with her

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