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      Hi, um.. okay,let me ge this straight. At the beginning of april was my period. It came on the 5th. I had unprotected sex the 25th,no withdrawl.Then again, this same month. I got my period the 29th. I’m not due for my period till the 5th. I was almost sure I was preg. and I thought that it was implantation bleeding because the first day it was REALLY light and I only had to use like one pad,but now everything looks normal. It looks like it’s going to end soon though..so It’s only gonna last about 3 days total. COuld I still be pregnant anyways? Someone help me please. Thanks so much. *hugs*


        sometimes you can still get a light bleeding while you’re pregnant. usually just in the early stages. if you’re pregnant and you get a bright red, no clots or dark blood bleeding, you’re still pregnant. but in your case i’d definately still get a home pregnancy test at least. sometimes birth control can really mess with your body and cause the weird period you’re talking about


          hey! i’ve been having similar problems. like… the last few months i’ve felt real nauseas, had a larger appetite and wanting different foods than i usually eat as well as increase in back pain and increase in cramps. the last time i got my period, it was lighter than it usually is (i’ve always been real heavy-even with the pill) so then like, this month i messed up taking my pills and got my period early, but its much lighter. the best thing i could tell u to do is to take a test if ur really worried. if not, just wait until u think ur pretty sure.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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