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      Yeah, I may be pregnant. But I have no way whatsoever to get a pregnancy test. I’m really scared that I could be pregnant…and I already talked it over with my boyfriend, and even thou he is nervous, he said he will take care of his responsibilies. I’m not tryin to put any pressure on him, but he feels it. He’s very concerned. But I’m also scared that my mom would do something off the wall…I dont know what I should do..does anybody have any suggestions?


        Lea see if you can go into this website and input your city, state and zip code and it will pull up a list of FREE and CONFIDENTIAL CPCs (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) in your area. If your boyfriend can’t take you there, then let them know that you have no way of getting there and maybe they can make arrangements for you.


        Let me know if you need anything more.


          Hey Lea.

          It is very important that you get a pregnacy test as soon as possible. You can get a home one from your local supermarket. Maybe you could walk there. Or if there’s a shop near your school? If not you can always ask a friend or your boyfriend to get you one and give to you at school or whatever. Maybe your boyfriend could take you to a clinic nearby.

          Yes, your mum might be bouncing off the walls, but is important you confide in her, as you said this is a lot of pressure on your boyfriend. Your mum as been though pregnacy and she could help you with so many things. Plus you won’t have to sneak behind her back then. if you do tell her she can help you find out if your pregnant or not. Don’t forget she is a mother, and no matter what happens she will always love you. have faith in her, it’s not the best suitation to be in but you can get though it and your mum will see the light even if she is angry at first.

          Please if you are pregnant, keep your baby, mother hood is one of the most treasured privelges life can give us. keep your head up. Hope this helped.

          Luv Nessy.


            Hi Lea,

            As the other two girls have written, yes it is important to get out there and find out for sure so you can work things out from there. You might not even be preganant yet. There are some GREAT services around with Free Pregnancy Testing, Advice and Support and some have info lines that you may be able to call to ask them what you can do.

            Im glad you have told your boyfriend. I hope that if you are pregnant is able to stay and support you.

            There are some big things and big decision ahead of you. Your mum may be your biggest supporter, yes I know you are scared, but its probably the best thing to do. She has been through pregnancy before and she can help you out. Yes, she might be mad, but she’ll calm down, Im sure she will. This is something that she will be able to hopefully stand along side you with. Also she could help you with the pregnancy test. So even if you are scared, pick a good time and just get her in a private place and just tell her what you are thinking. Explain why youve been scared to tell her. She needs to know how you are feeling.

            All the best Lea, I hope everything works well for you, Please come back and let us know how you go,

            Sending love and hugs,


              Hi Lea,

              when i thought i was pregnant i was thirteen years old and i was so scared to tell my mom becouse she was 15 when she had my oldest siser and she always said she wanted more for us. But i finally told her and she was upset at first but about ten min. later she said she was glad i came to her to talk that way she could be there for me whether i was or i wasn’t . After that my mom became my best friend and we talked about everything, Sex,Boyfriends,even Parties. what helped alot was when she was there for me when I had a miscarrage in my 2nd month. so dont worry your mom wont be to upset just go to her and tell her "mom i have something to tell u and since you have already been through this I thought it be best if i came to you just incase something were wrong." sorry but that is the best thing i can tell you to do your mom will make a great best friend 😉


              platinum baby

                u should be more carefull if i was 15 i wouldnt get myself into that situation in future use protection and if he wont wear any then dont have sex


                  [b] why dont u try going to the store with a trustfworthy friend and buyin a pregnancy test or going online and enter your state area zip code and city and they have free confidental clinics walk-ins and appointment wise. If You are there is some point you are going to have to sit and tell your mother thats something u cannot hide. Trust me its not as bad as it sounds she may be mad at first but once she sees the lil guy everything changes. If u arent pregnant then this is a lesson to be careful and maybe u and your boyfriend should wait until u have support and a way to take care of the baby..keep me updated ok? BE SAFE . bye



                    it is a very scary thing when you learn you are pregnant. i know i was also 15 when i learned i was pregnant. my son is now 5 years old and it hasn’t been an easy ride, but it is all worth it. you have to tell your mom, i was scared to death but my mom and dad stood by me 100%. of course they were mad and confused that is totally normal but give them some time and you will see everything will work out. my son’s father hasn’t been around at all and i was pulling two jobs for a while but i am so proud of myself. just because you are having a baby young it doesn’t mean you are ruining your life. i thought that for the longest time and i soon saw everything turned out. i am now getting married to a wonderful man who treats my son as his own, and i am a home based therapist and am also buying a house and i am only 21. you can do the same thing. your boyfriend is probally just shocked and scared to death because having a baby is such a big responsibility it changes your life forever, but you guys can do it just be strong and stick together. you will be fine but like i said tell your parents and start getting the proper care your baby and you need. dont stress. take care and good luck hun. 😉


                      i was 14 when i got pregnant for my oldest son..15 when i had him. i know what you are going through. i am now 23 and my mom has helped alot. my oldest son is now 8 and i just had a baby last december who is now 1 (and am possibly pregnant again..oopps!!). i know you are scared but there are people out there that can help you. a close friend..maybe a family member..you’ll get through it..


                        hi just want to say i was 15 when i was pregnant had my little girl when i just turnt 16 its the hardest but yet the bestest thing thats ever happy to me! my daughter 2 next month and she is my world! so dont let no one tel you ur 2 young to cope i done it so im sure u can! jus remeber a baby nears more then the latest trainers it needs your full love and attention xxxxxxxxxxxxx


                          [code]i became pregnanent wen i was 13, but the childs father didnt want nuttin 2 do wit it, but my pregancy came out by me not wantin sex. [code][/code]my mum and dad made me ave an abortion because i was too young, then i ended up pregnant agen couple of months later. and then they made me ave another abortion, i ave been threw it twice and it has messed up my life complety. if i didnt ave the first abortion the baby wud b 1 by now


                            hi there well i also got pregnant when i was 15 and my parents also wanted me to go for an abortion but i refused now i hav a beautifull little girl and she is turning 5 in october and i an pregnant again and very exited and happy.

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