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      my names ashley and im 15 years old… i have been with my boyfriend, kris, who is 21, for about 6 months now, i thought i wanted a baby, and we had been trying for a couple months now… i just found out that i was pregnant this morning. im scared… very scared. i didnt think it would happen. but now it has and i dont know wat to do. i want to tell my mom so bad, but i dont know how, and im afraid of wat she will say. my boyfriend is very happy, but me on the other hand… its so unreal, and im scared. i have so many questions running through my head. i know that i can handle this, but im jst scared. i just would appreciate some advice


        Hello Ashley,

        You are not alone, you CAN do this, and you have found support here on Stand Up Girl.

        It seems like a lot to take in all at once, I know. But, as time goes on, and you begin to make some courageous choices you will find the strength to take your next step.

        Saying ‘Yes’, to the life of your baby is the biggest, and most important choice. It is a privelege to be a mother, and with your boyfriend’s support for this baby, you will soon be able to experience that. Please, don’t be afraid…..many have been in your situation and have become beautiful young mothers. This is just new to you and the road ahead seems long.

        It may be a delicate situation telling your family about the baby, considering your boyfriends age. I would suggest that you call this number. OptionLine at 1800-395- HELP They will help you find a location in your area, where you may obtain a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, and discuss your options with you. They will be able to provide you with someone to accompany you, when you talk to your parents.
        I don’t like to suggest this, because it may come across as keeping something from the parents….but in this situation, if you feel your parents recourse would be to push you into getting an abortion, then I feel you may want to wait until you are further along in your pregnancy when the baby is more developed, and then take them to see the ultrasound. You are carrying their grandchild, and a visual reminder of that innocent life inside your body may help them come to accept it easier.
        Then, you can tell your mother how much you love her and need her motherly support so that you can carry this baby in a healthy manner.

        It benefits everyone when the parents are right along side their daughter when she becomes pregnant. No one loses!! There is only peace, healthy relationships, and a calm relaxed atmosphere to raise a child. In the end, the child will grow to know that peace, love and acceptance for others.

        Please, let us know how things progress and if you need any further help.

        your friend,


          well i still have yet to tell my mom… me and my boyfriend have decided its best to wait but i havent been to the doctor yet… ive started taking my prenatal vitamins… but ive been so nauseous these last couple of weeks and tired lol.. it kinda sucks but o well lol!! i will get thru it… so should i go ahead and go to the doctors?


            Hi Ashley,
            Yes,I would definately try and get to the doctor. If you haven’t yet gone through the OPTIONLINE to get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL blood test then you should start there. Like I told you before, they can provide a supportive person to be with you when you tell your mom. But, that mediation with your mom can be done whenever you’re ready. Take one thing at a time. The staff at the Optionline are very supportive and can guide you through all your options. It’s important to remember that your baby is in a very fragile state at this moment, and anything you do or do not do can affect its development. If you have any doubts about your boyfriend’s faithfullness to you and that he may be having sex outside of your relationship with other partners, then please be cautious in your decision to have sex with him while you’re pregnant and unmarried. He could possibly contract STD’s from others and carry them to you and ultimately to your unborn baby. It is a real concern that we are trying to bring about to younger girls and unwed mothers when they’ve become pregnant outside of marriage.
            Your boyfriend’s love and support will be so important to you during this pregnancy and in the end, it will be a wonderful benefit to the baby to have his father involved. However, with regards to STD’s, your main concern should be for yourself and your unborn child.

            You will get through the nauseous period after the 3 month mark, or thereabouts. :S
            Some pregnant mothers have had to wait until about the 4th month to be rid of the sick feeling, but then you will find that it will be replaced with lots of energy.
            Please remember to drink a lot of water and rest this trimester as much as you can. Small naps whenever you can get them will help the baby grow strong and keep your body calm for that to happen.

            Many blessings and support,
            I’m always here if you need to talk.


              Hi just a quick reply here 🙂 I don’t want to scare you but you need to make sure before you tell your mom that she won’t try to charge your boyfriend for rape… It happened to me, it’s really not that fun to be going through with your mom!!


                Hi Ashley.
                Just a quick reply.
                I am going thru the same thing as u.
                Except my boyfriend is only 19. My parents are very upset with me, but eventually they will get over it.
                your mom maybe mad for a little bit but she will come to reality and be excited that she will be a grandma. Does she know about your boyfriend and how old he is? because you dont want her to try nd charge him with rape. good luck and congrats! 🙂


                  i think you should tell your mom right away so u can get to the doctor and get your vitamins and when i found out i was pregnant i told my mom that same day i found out ya she cried but if mother are really mother there first answer should be this is my child and now is where she needs me the most so just tell her and hopefully everything goes good for you!


                    well i am now about 7 months pregnant… im expecting a beautiful baby girl. my mom was very upset at first but she and the rest of my family are now excitedly awaiting the arrival of my daughter

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