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      omg im 15 and im 12 weeks pregnant. at first i wanted to have this baby more than anything, but now as i see how much i just want to be a kid and do all the stuff i was doing, im getting scared. the father, my boyfriend is sooo happy about it so i have ALOT of support, but i dont know if i can have a baby at 15, i guess im being shelfish cuz i want to be able to date and do all the "kid stuff". i know i cant do adoption cuz if i go through with the pregnancy i wont be able to give my baby up. someone, anyone have advice PLEASE write me back, i have yahoo if people can talk to me its… xxx_just_say_forever_oncexxx

      love peggy


        hi ya my name is amanda iam 15
        i was in the same problem as u, but i was pregnanet wen i was 13, i was scared aswell cause i ave all the options thrown to me at once, but i chose the wrong decision i decided to ave an abortion, but that has messed up my life, if u get an abortion it will b the worst regret of ur life because u will always wonder what it looked like and everythin i do aswell, i thought the same as u i dnt want a kid at my age because i want 2 live my life, but i got thru it but recently i ended up gettin pregnanet again but this time i kept it and i now ave a 10months old son and i dnt regret it 1 bit.

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          If you really don’t feal able to be a mother, and can’t submit to adoption, it seems to me maybe you could ask your boyfriend to be primary caregiver after the baby is born. Or maybe you could do an open adoption, where you let the child be adopted, but still see them as they grow up. Don’t have an abortion, at this stage your baby has a beating heart and can feel pain, so he would feel it is he was chopped up. I hate to be so graphic, but you have to know what abortion really is. Don’t put the baby through that for the sake of your social life. Aborting his child might also end the relationship with your boyfriend, since he wants to be a father. You

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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