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      im 15 and i need help. i think i might be pregnant but im not sure? i got this same scare a month or so ago. me and my boyfriend at the time, were not together anymore but we still talk, had had sex, obviously. i had all the symptoms of being pregnant. i felt like i was going to throw up and sometimes did. my breasts were sore and very tender and i was late on my period.when i finally had it it was really light and ony lasted like 5 days when it normally lasts the whole week. i took a hpt and it came out negative which i thought was really weird because i could have sworn that i was pregnant. then the next month i did have my period again. now, me and my boyfriend had sex on november 26th. i was suppose to start my period around the 19th of this month and still havent had it. once again, im kinda feeling like im gonna throw up. not as bad as before but my breasts are pretty sore and tender but, i had cramps like i was going to start my period for like a day or two but they didnt last long at all. i usually have to take mydol n stuff. i dont know whats going on. me and my (ex)boyfriend still talk and im not counting on him to be here 100% for me and this baby if i am pregnant but idk. i live with my grandma and i dont know how im gonna tell her or my dad. my mom will understand, shell be upset..very..but she will understand and be here for me. but i know that some of my family will probably disown me. i know for a 110% fact that im NOT going to have an abortion. ill have this baby no matter what i just need help from you guys on some stuff right now. please anyone who can help me do. i really do appreciate it.



        I’m glad to hear that if you are pregnant you are not going to have an abortion. My advice would be to take a pregnancy test to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not. Hopefully if you are pregnant your ex-boyfirend and family will be supportive. Hang in there and remember you are not alone. Best Wishes.



          i’m sure it is very confusing for you at this point because your young and scared. not to get you any more worried but i went through the same thing with my ex and also had all the symptoms you do now and im 6 months pregnant. i’m only 16 and counted on my ex to be there for me 100%. it started off good but then everything changed so quickly. im not saying that you shouldn’t count on your boyfriend to be there but just take it slow. going to the doctor is the best thing you can do right now. i took almost 5 home pregnacy test and some came out positive and some negative, so thats the only sure way you’ll find out if your pregnant or not. i really hope this helps.


            hey Bri, I too am 15 and pregnant. My advice is to confirm if you are pregnant and then take it step by step.I had very similar signs before i found out i was pregnant, the feeling like you have to throw up, the cramps…so definitly get it chekced out. Thats awesome that your not going to get an abortion! and you seem like nobody can change your mind. I thought the same thing you did about my family disowning me, but they have been great throughout my pregnancy. Some have been better than others, but the people who know have been so supportive.Let me know how things go with everything.

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