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      ok so im only 15 and so is my boyfriend (yes very young) and i am 5 days late for my period. i have all the symptoms of being pregnant but all the symptoms that i usually get when i am just about to get my period. I think that i might take a test today because i was told that now is when it can be most accurate.

      love alex.


        yea i was five days late for mine and it came back + let me know how things go


          definately try a test, but usually symptoms dont arise until after two weeks of being pregnany. the stress over this can also be delaying your period.


            yeah i would take a test to be sure. alot of preg symptoms are also ones people get when they are about to get their period. i was 2 weeks late for mine this month with some preg symptoms but i still got it… so keep us posted on what happens 🙂 and good luck i hope you get the result you want!


              me 2 but i only am 3 days without getting my pariod im scared i hope im not!!

              🙁 🙁

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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