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      Hello, My name is Mikaela and i am 15, i might be pregnant. I am ready to have a baby but i am scared about the doctoring part. I am responsible and money is no problem im just scared of the delivery and checkups! My past involved being sexually abused by my father and that is why i dont like doctors because they are strangers and they will be down There..Can anybody give me any advice?, thnx.


        Maybe a female gyn will put you at ease? Good Luck!


          Well when I went to my first doctors apointment the lady told me alot about her before she did anything. If you aren’t comfortable with a male doctor then let them know that…they should respect your wishes. if there is a group for women around you,then you should check it out, they are really good with everyone and teenagers too. I’m 13 and that is where I am going. All the people are ladies except for a couple men, but they aren’t the people who are up in your area. But ya where ever you go just tell the you are not comfortable with a male doctor, if they don’t respect that then you shouldn’t go there.


            Take a pregnancy test before you go into panic. When ever you are sexually active, you might be pregnant. I also have the same problem with the OBGYN check ups etc. So when ever I had to have a swab done, then my midwife let me do it her self. I only got check ups when pregnant for the sake of the baby.Good Luck…


              Just tell that what happen to you and it will make things easier for you and the doctor. My friend was raped and she just gave birth in Jan and she said that the delivery was very hard(bacause of everyone all up in her area) but as soon as she saw her beautiful baby girl she said she would have gone threw it again and again just to have her baby. So every time you feel uncomfortable just think about your baby and how you are doing this for him or her.. I hope I could help.. Good luck 🙂


                I have a 15 month old now and I am pregnant again. With my first pregnancy I was really scared about delivery and stuff too, but it wasnt at all like I thought it was going to be. Dont worry, your body tells you what to do, and it becomes so natural to deliver your baby. You dont have to have a dr when you are pregnant, a lot of clinics offer female midwifes instead. They are sometimes quite a bit cheaper than a dr too, and many women prefer them to a dr because they are more comfortable. Call the clinics around and ask about all the drs and midwifes that are accepting new patients, then you can make an appt with one and see if you like her.


                  Goo drs 🙂 from ur past they cant judge u and yh at 1st u might b scared but avin a baby is amazing 😀 x


                    Thank you so much for the suggestions


                      Thank you for the advice..im sorry to hear about your friend i wish it didnt have to happpen to anybody it scars people for life..its going to be hard but when i hear the babys first cry it will be amazing.

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