14 and Pregnant

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      Okay so i need so advice on what to do and think.I’m 14 going to be 15 in April and i have a very bright future,but I am worried that i am pregnant.My boobs have been hurting,which could be from going to the gym.I’ve been feeling nauseate and blotted almost nonstop.I’ve been getting horrible cramps mostly in the morning.And been more tired then usual. I’m on medication birth control, Mood stabilize, and ADHD. I stooped taking all of them since Wednesday since birth control made me start my period and the other medication can cause birth defects, and if i am pregnant i want the best for my baby.I have talked to my boyfriend about it and we both decided abortion is not the answer for us if i am.I want to tell my mom about it but then my mom will just become angry at me and him so i haven’t said anything really to any of my family member.This scares my badly because this could mess up a lot of my future plans.But i would do anything for my kid.It would be too soon to take an over the counter test and to go to the doctors my mom would have to know because she is my doctor. please give so advice or something I’m going insane over this!!!


        I think the best thing would be to make sure that you are definately pregnant before you start getting worried and blowing things out of praportion x You can buy an over the counter test or if there is another doctor at your mum’s surgery im possotive that if you have a private word they would be more than happy to dicreetely do the test for you with strict confidentiality !
        If you are pregnant you will have to talk to your mum and the earlier the better. She may be a little disapointed but she loves you and cares about you and will want to help you no matter what, its the way a mother is =)
        Then you need to decide what you want to do which is easier said than done i understand. Since you have ruled out abortion you can look into adoption or keeping the baby. You need to look into the best interest of you and you alone! Dont feel pressuised into doing something that you are not happy with! Having a baby at such a young age may not be practical but it all depends on how you feel deep down. If you love the baby but cannot keep it because it would not be best for them or you then you must know that if you found a great and lovng family that he or should could have the chance at a happy and normal lifestyle. It will be a tough decision for you but you have friends and family to support you. you are lucky that you have a caring boyfriend who is matture enought to help you through this but make sure that you are not doing anything simply to please him or to make sure he stays with you, whatever you choose to do must be for you and no one else x
        Goodluck in your descision making process and dont worry things will be alright x let me know how you get on best wishes claire 🙂


          First of all Good Luck. If you are pregnant then tell your parents as soon as you can. I got pregnant when I was 15 and now I’m 16 and 38 weeks pregnant. When I told my mom -at 9 weeks- she did really get pissed off and she told me to get a abortion every day or get out. I know she cannot “make me” get a abortion and I told her no each time. It was like that, arguments everyday till I was 3 months. Now she is happy about my baby and she denies ever mentioning abortion to me. The point is that your parents will go through this phase and better just be prepared for it and ignore them when they get all pissed off, they will get over it. So Good Luck keep us updated


            Thank you. (:
            I really hope that my parents will just understand me on not aborting it.


              thank you soso much it helped me(: a lot actually.


                No problem I’m here to give advice based on experience.


                  okay first of all you shouldnt be having sex at your age.. if you are you should be smart about it.


                    I don’t think I’m pregnant, I started bleeding lastnight so i think it might be my period just late.

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