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      i am 14 years old and there is sympotoms that i am pregnant and if i am im going to become a mom i could never toadoption or an abortion… my boyfriend says that we will keep her-him also. butwe are happy and upset about the situation…if i am we will make to best out of it… and if im not then we will be more careful…both of us just cant find the hert to tell our parents none of them….i cant even tell my mom. but i know she will be there…
      help me with a way to tell her…


        hey hunni, hope you’re ok. i know how u feel bout ur mum, but if you know she’ll be there for you, just tell her. even if she’ll be a bit angry, im sure she’ll come round when she sees how much it means to you. at least you have your bfs support yeh? good luck wit tellin her, im here if ya ever wana talk xxxxxx


          Hello there!! The best way to tell your mom is to sit down with her(make sure it is just the two of you) and just let it out. You will feel so much better after you tell her. Even if she gets mad at you she will always be there for you. You and your boyfriend can’t keep all this inside of you. YOu need to speak the truth and tell your parents. It will be very hard but trust me you will feel so much better that you let that off of your chest. Im here for you!!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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