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      I dont know what to do. i’m afraid to tell my parents [or anyone], help please. i really need this! much love, me


        i was 14 when i had my daughter and the whole time i was pregnant i didnt tell my parents untill the day i went in labor…but i regretted not telling them because even though they were mad it mad them even more upset because i didnt tell them…and we werent sure if anything was wrong with the baby because i had no prenatal care so my parents were very scared….you should defenitly tell your parents asap of course they will be mad but there your parents and they love you so they should eventualy get over it…and even though you are young with your parents help you should be able to take care of your baby…..good luck


          I had my son at 14. Hes two now . You’ll get through it . it will be hard but i did it and so can you. If you ever need anything im here .


            Hi i have recently found out i was pregnant and worried about telling my parent but they have been really supportive. It may take a while for the news to sink in but you have to know whether you want this baby and stick to you guns. How far gone are you. Good Luck


              just tell ur parents…if ur that scared they will help you…u need to get to a doc for that baby and ur health….and PLEASE DONT let anyone talk you into or force you into an abortion or giving the baby up if u want it….


                i thought i was pg a coupl of weeks ago but nope took 3 test…i kno ur young but u gotta be strong and prepared bout this…i planned on writing a letter to my dad…hes pretty tough person..and telling my mom with my bf there. i thikn having the guy there would help. I mean try to figure out a plan to tell them. like how do you plan on finishing school, money, daycare stuff like that..it going to be a tough thing to tell your parents but all i can say is be prepared for any thing that might come your way. be strong, you got it. 🙂 good luck!


                  well I agree that you need to tell your parents ASAP. they have raised you up to this point and provided for you. what you have done will hurt them and you need to be prepared for them to let you know how dissapointed they are in your choices. My encouragement would be to fess up and admit your faults before them. And Im sorry if this comes off wrong but you are 14 you should not be having sex!!!! I lost my virginity at 13 and I didnt quit sleeping around untill I was 23 and had 1 baby and another on the way. at that point I decided to wait untill I was married. So I did and 3 1/2 years went by before that happened but I didnt have sex untill my wedding night. Please let this baby change your life and help steer you in a new direction. I wish so badly that someone would have loved me enough to tell me strait up that I was a little girl and had no buisness having sex. i am sure that your parents have told you at some point to not have sex untill you are married. This is why. So please dont reject what they have to share with you now…you need them so much. If they tell you to have an abortion then tell them no. but in a humble way expressing the fact that you want to make the choice of being responsible for your actions not in a defiant way. Please learn from this and dont go to the path I walked for 10 years…the only thing down that road is hurt rejection humiliation and emptyness. if you need to talk visit my profile page and wite me a note….I’ll be praying for you Love Meg


                    hey! i know that ur jus a baby yourself,
                    bt im sure your very mature..
                    u shud tell ur parents,as hard and all as it’l
                    be but they will help and comfort u bcuz,
                    no matter wat u do ur still THEIR baby and
                    they will love you unconditionally!
                    if you want this baby by ALL means tell them,
                    and dont let any1 tell u to give it up if thats
                    NOT wat u want to do!
                    i wish u the best of luck and if u need to tlk
                    im here k goodluck x


                      hey girl, I’m 14 and 35 weeks pregnant, I see u posted this back in February, i was just wonderin how this are going? If u need someone to talk to, I’m here!


                        yea I agree. Tell your parents as soon as possible. Even tho its scary its safest for the baby. I didnt tell my parents until I was 5 months along and I missed a ton of prenatal screening that would have been able to monitor the baby so now I’m a sorta high-risk pregnancy b/c they havnt been able to monitor my baby. In addition I think if ur under 17 its also a high risk pregnancy just b/c of ur age. Definetly get some care and tell ur parents.

                        Crying Mum

                          tell your parents.. its scary i know… my first pregnancy was when i was 12… i didnt tell anyone and i ended up loosing the baby at 5 months, that was the worst night of my life, please dont let anything like this happen to you, your parents will hopefully support you.


                            yeah i agree with the person below me. i thought my parents where gonna kill me but even though my mom was disapointed she really supports me and she supported me from the start. theyre ur parents theyre gonna love u regardless.


                              I got pregnant at 15 and know exactly what your going thru I didn’t tell my parents until I was 6months and showing. The initial shock will be hard but you’ll get thru it besides If you don’t want to raise the baby there is always adoption. I gave my son up for adoption when I was 15 It was hard but iI was not ready or mature enough to have a baby at 15. I now am 27 and have a beautiful 4 year old little girl an tring to get pregnant again. Good luck I’m here if you need to talk.


                                Well,if thats you in your display picture,looks like you have a bit of a tummy already- how far gone are you?
                                I’m 15,I only found out I was pregnant a week ago,although I’m 5 months gone. I was terrified of telling my parents and didn’t have a clue how to go about it- but now they know,I wish I’d told earlier! I have had the most amazing support from them,and we are all really looking forward to the arrival of this baby. It’s done so much for my family-it has brought us together and made us happier than we ever could have expected. The baby’s daddy,my boyfriend,is sticking by too- he’s a great guy,and we’re very much in love. It’ll be hard to tell your parents,and you will be absolutely terrifed,but you haven’t committed a crime,you don’t have a terminal illness-think how much worse the situation could be! Your parents will be shocked,sad and devestated,but they’ll come round,and either fall in love with the baby if you have it,or support you and take care of you if you decide to have an abortion.This isn’t the end of the world.
                                Just sit your parents down some day soon and get it out with as soon as you can.your mother may even suspect already-my mum guessed I was pregnant long before I did! It will hurt them more if they think you don’t trust them enough to confide in them when you’re alone and scared.Good luck!

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