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      i’m 13 and last week i found out that i am pregnant. i’m so scared. i can’t tell my parents. i don’t know what to do? i’m not with my bf any more… and i don’t think he would take it too well if i told him. please someone help me!


        hey its okay. he cant make you do anything and dont cry over him when he tells you he doesnt want to be a part of this babies life…if u wana keep it that is… if he tells you he doesnt want to be a part of this babies life tell him it takes two to make a baby. Make good choices. tell your parents. I have a friend who got pregnant at 13 and shes now 15 with a 9 month old daughter. shew loving it.
        Ill be thinking of you tonight!
        luv ya!
        Anna. :kiss:


          first off dont be scraed you have to be strong you cant let your fear cause you to dosomething drastic first off you have to tell him and yall need to talk about and if you dont mind i would like to ask you how old is he? and if yall can sit down and talk about as mature young adults then yall can take it to the next level dont let him make your decision for you you do what you think is right and you have more then one option dont worry about what he wants its not his decision okay the the most importantthing for you to do is tell your mom trust me i now your terrified im only 14 and i cant really even be in the same room as my mother wit out getting scared but tell her you will feel so much better and once you tell her she will be very upset for a long time btu after whill she will get over it and help you through it but first you ahve to wanna help your self okay. plz be strong and keep intouch with me youcan email me at anytime and let me know whats going on im in your same situation but i am 2 months already and i dont now what to do so plz plz be strong and make the right decision which is following your heart πŸ˜‰


            Hi Elle,
            Ive just read your story. I know you may think you to young to have a baby and your life is over but its not really a baby can bring you loads of love and joy. When i was your age i was told by my doctor that i would never be able to have kids of my own and that really broke my heart the thoughts of not having a little baby of my own. I am now 18 and i have just had a lovely baby girl called morgan, i was with my b/f/ from the age of 14 and loved him very much and when i found out i was pregnant he wanted me to have an abortion but no way would i ever do that as this might be the only change i will ever have to have my own baby. I got rid of my ex and had my baby and i wpuld never change it for the world, i was scared also when i was pregnant but when you see that little person living inside you ur heart melts and when the day comes you hold them in your arms is the best feelin ever.

            There are losda of place when you can get help and support. I think you should tell your parents soon Elle, yea dey might be a little cross but its your life hunny and only you know wot u want but please dont got down the road of an abortion as you will regreat it.

            I hope i have helped you im hear to listen if you need.
            Nicki πŸ˜‰


              I had my first kid at 17 years old was pregnant at 16. Not an easy thing to go through but once you hold that baby you will know what love is. Babies are alive at whatever stage and should never be aborted. No matter what people may say and try to get you to do including doctors (mine suggested abortion was the best way to go) either keep your child without expectations of the father or your parents for that matter or give your child to a family that will care for it and love it the way you may not. You are very young and you may want to keep your youth but you gave it up when you had sex. Obviously you are scared and it is normal to be but you have to start preparing for what you need to do. I am now 23 years old with 3 kids ( my first died when he was 3months old) and I am happy but it doesn’t always work out that way. Find support where you can and be sure it is the right support. Young girls and girlfriends may promise to be there for you but when they find you don’t have the time for them they will leave. Trust me on this!!!!


                Its ok to be scared its normal…..just pray and ask God for strength and for guidiance and ask him to open doors for you to know what to do…you will be amazed how smooth everything goes….he works in mysterious ways..beileve i know i just found out that i was pregnant yesterday..at first i was scared and hitting my stomach to ya know kill it or whatever but then i stopped and just started asking God to help me and obvisiuosly this was supposed to happen because God wil NOT give you anything you can not handle….i will pray for you and you need to pray also and if you need or have any more questions just write me


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                  hay you know its not that bad but its relly hard to tack care of a baby when you
                  are a teen i know cuz i am one my baby is a year now but due to the fackt
                  that i was not able to live in one spot i got her tooken away by some very
                  mean people :angry: and due to the fackt that i was home less and was alwas walking around the streets i got the cops called on me all the time cus a lot of people dont relly like me what i am trying to say is that its harder for teen parents a lot of adults like to pike on us alot cuz they dont relly respect us
                  but for know what you need to do is go and get cheked out by a doctor
                  preferably a gynacolagist (THER CHIK DOCTERS FOR PREGNET G"S) and go and get some prenatial pills (THEY ARE VITAMIS FOR PREGOS) cus if you dont tack them you normaly get realysick but any ways i hope you have it bveter then i did at first

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                    im 16th years old and i went throw it with my sister.i think u should keep the baby but tell ur parents first if they dont agree with u keeping the baby, then tell them that ur going to keep the baby no matter what if they like it or not.


                      hi, i’m skyler and i am also 13. another thing i am also pregnant, however i’m having twins. i’m 23 weeks along and ready to have these babies already. its niced to have soomeone to talk to that really knows what i am going tho. if not feel free to respond to me if you want to know anythiung or jsut need someone to tlak to that knows what u are going tho. talk to u soon i hope… BYE.


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                        If you can trust your parents then tell them a.s.a.p, youre going to need vitamins and your check ups, you will also need your parents support and its better to just tell them, stress is not good for your baby!

                        Good luck!!
                        write back!


                          I realize that all of you are in different situations…but there are always other options as well. I am 33 years old and my son is almost 3. He is adopted…and he is the love of our life. I would not have a child at all if it were not for his birthmother making the ultimate sacrifice and choosing adoption. She was 18 and her parents actually supported her with the adoption because they knew that she could not take care of him herself.

                          While I know this decision is not the right decision for all, I just like people to keep an open mind about it. Adoption changed our life…gave us the greatest gift anyone could every possibly give us. We still send letters and photos to our birthmother monthly.

                          I would be happy to answer any questions that I could for someone that is interested. My prayers are with each of you.

                          KK :kiss:


                            I am so scared to that i can not even tell my mom and i have no idea how…. i have the gut feeling that i am…which is killing me…i have some symoptoms and i am only 2 weeks along already… and to top it all off my doctor is my grandma….so i hope that everyone is able to get help…. mine is to si back and take care of myslef until i know 100% that i am or that im not…



                              hey well i dont know if i am but im really scared πŸ™ … i need to know if maybe you would know something i’m 17 could my parents either make me have an abortion(i dont believe in that)…. or take it away from me … could i move out without their permission my dad is very controlling and well heis fiance is a PAIN.. so if you can HELP ME!!!!


                                It really must be scary at 13 to realize you are pregnant. COnfide to someone known to your parents, maybe an aunt or cousin, or a counsellor, priest, pastor and ask help in telling yor parents. You need to be supported by adults, not your friends. Decisions will have to be made, but whatever may happen, please do not kill the child. Abortion may sound simple and easy but the consequences are forever. Abortion has consequences that affect your whole life.

                                There are shelters available. Go to any Pro-life office and ask for help. Prayer will go a long way.

                                Will say a prayer for you too…


                                  i wudnt worry about telling your parents about it
                                  got pregnant wen i was 12 and had the baby wen i was 13 it was kinda rly hard at 1st but then wen my parents decided i wasnt goin to give it away they helped me out and they helped look after it while i carried on at school
                                  i dont think abortion is very cool at all…its totally out of order nd its crule!
                                  just tell your parents when your ready and im sure they will understand after a while
                                  im 16 now and ive got a rly cute lil daughter thats 3 yrs old and now i have her i would never have dreamed of giveing her away and if i had an abortion i wouldnt know what i was missing out on
                                  babies aren’t a sign of weekness they’re a sign of love
                                  do what you feal is best
                                  take care now
                                  carlie xx :kiss:


                                    Hey, It will be ok. Trust me. This is not the end. Because your folks love you, they will probably be really mad at first but then will cool down and won’t stop loving you. Everybody makes mistakes. It really isn’t that bad. There are lots of options besides abortion. There is adoption. I have been wanting to adopt for years and cannot get pregnant at all. So there are loving and good people that are willing and able to help you through this process and take care of your child, and can support you in getting back into your life. If my niece were to get pregnant, I would recommend her adopting the child out, because she does have a bright future and there is people who do care and abortion may not be ethical. It might be something you regret later. Anyway, please don’t be afraid. Maybe tell your grandpa first or maybe another grown up, aunt or someone that you can trust and get maybe get some support before you approach your folks about it. You may even feel more comfortable if they are present when you approach your folks. I will pray for you. Jen


                                      I am 18 years old and I just found out that I was pregant. I’m terrified and this has put me through an emotional roaller coaster, I couldn’t imagine if I was 13. I’m not sure about what I’m going to do yet. My boyfriend of 3 years wants an abortion… my family is behind me with what i decide but says I’m far from ready… and I’m against abortions and I want to keep this baby. It’s hard to make a firm decision because I need the support of others. I understand exactly how you are feeling and trust me… everyone has 3 choices when they find out they’re pregnant and by all means.. they all suck. If you have any advice.. please contact me. I need help! -Courtney


                                        there is so much help out there…do what feels best for you..you are young…find people who are supportive and will help you make the right decission. I know this is a hard time, I’ll pray for you


                                          Listen, I just read your predicament and I hope this will help somewhat. You ARE young and a pregnancy will be hard. But. remember that your parents love you, and although they may be angry when you first tell them, they should be able to see you are scared and help you. I got pregnant at sixteen, and thought my mom would kill me, but come to find out, she had gotten pregnant at seventeen. But, she had an abortion, and regretted it ever since. So, she wanted me to keep it, and now, I have a wonderful 8 year old son, Noah. I am so glad I made the decision to keep him. If you feel you honestly cannot take care of a baby at this age, consider adoption before abortion. Alot of loving families would love to have a baby. Just remember, make your own decision and get good prenatal care if you keep your baby.


                                            The first thing that you need to do is tell your parents. I know that sounds really scary, but they love you, and they will know what to tell you. You need to get to the doctor for your sake as well as your baby’s sake. Don’t worry about the father of the baby. You can do this with your parents help. Just please tell them first and foremost. And if you do decide to keep your baby, I will tell you from personal experience, that it is the greatest feeling in the world to be a mom. You can’t even begin to imagine the love you will feel for that little bitty person. I will be praying for you.


                                              im 19 and 2 months pregnant and the father is with another female we are not together i ve only known him for 3 months but im still goin to keep my baby because i had an abortion when i was 16 and it hurt me emotinally i would not advice anyone 2 have an abortion


                                                i understand where your comeing from it wont be easy but if you decide that you want to be a mom then you can do it. i belive in you.


                                                  I know what you’re going through. recently, I’ve experienced signs of pregnancy and I’m only 13. I’ve thought I was pregnant in the past, but this time I think I actually got through. My mom had me when she was 16. It wasn’t the smartest. her and her boyfriend treat me like crap. I promised myself I would never get pregnant before I was married,but I’m 13 and expecting motherhood. I’m scared to death. But,I still love my baby. I’m keeping mine. As for you,that’s our choice. Tell your parents and tell them you love the baby. What kind of mother doesn’t love her baby? A mother who doesn’t is just cold and heartless. But, now that I know what I’m expecting,I’m in a way happy. I have loving grandparents whom I live with and I know they will help me with this. They don’t judge me,just support me. I’m keeping my baby. Don’t miss out on your baby’s life. Tell your parents and keep that baby. Hope I helped.


                                                    [size=4]hey girl, wow i have just experienced what you are now. i am 14 and was very scared that i was pregnant. but yesturday i found out that i wasnt. i was thinking of all the negative things about this. but really the are so many positive things. you will have you own child. i know how scared you are to tell your parents but once you do it will be a huge weight lifted of your shoulders i guarentee it. they will be mad at first but the wil help because you are there daughter and they cant help being supportive. dont think that they wont help because they will. if your scared to tell them then ask your mom to take you to the doctors so the doctor can tell her. thats the way i would of done it i think.

                                                    email me sometime if you want to talk. alexandmarcus@yahoo.com[/size]


                                                      Hey ella my name is Xiamara, I’m 20 years old, I got pregnant when I was 18 had my beautiful son feb 23, 2005 and now he’s 16 months old and he is my pride and joy. He was a plan baby I always wanted a baby. I was still in high school, it was my last year and I made it, I graduated! That was the happiest day of my life. That shows you that you can make it Also! Don’t give up Elle. Make the right choice and that first choice is nourish and keep the baby! YOu won’t regret it now you can love something you can say is yours. Teach him or her things. Second tell your mom! Believe your still young she won’t turn her back on you she would be a little upset but she will get over it and will take action from there. You can be what ever you want to be in life! GO for it! Reach for the stars Elle there’s no limit for you and your baby’s dreams! God will be your number one Provider in your baby’s life and yours as well. And about your ex b/f tell him talk to him like a young lady that wants the best out of this situation. If he wants to be there, that’s the begining of a family journey. You can make it with him or without him. Remember there’s so much support out there for you and the baby! DOn’t do anything you will regret o.k. Work harder to make smart choices. DOn’t let anyone tell you different! YOu are resposible for that little angle God sent from heaven inside of you. I’m know what I’m talking about, now it’s up to you to take action! I wish you luck and I will pray for you and leave it in GOd’s hands! Please emai me anytime at seyamara20@yahoo.com.

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